Hello everyone!

2021 is coming to an end in a couple weeks, so you probably were expecting this post already; my otome games awards are a tradition I can’t skip!

This is my 5th year, I guess you know my style at this point, but it’s safer to explain once more: my list is made of games I’ve played in 2021, without considering the release date in Japan; most of them were just sitting in my backlog for years, until I finally decided it was their moment to shine.

My life was a lot busier and messier in these past months, so I was able to complete only 11 games; I’m almost ashamed of this, how could it happen?! My plan was to reach at least 12 titles, but life is not always easy as we hope.

Let’s get into it!

Sexy game award: Jakou no Lyla

Well, this was spicy! those guys are hot and I wonder how some scenes were allowed on a Nintendo console; but thank you for the eyecandy, it was appreciated.

Absolutely recommended to everyone who enjoys sexy stuff.

Sequel of the year award: Piofiore no Banshou 1926

It wasn’t as awesome as the main game, but still a good sequel; those characters are amazing, it’s hard to fail when you have such a great cast and setting. I still hope for a fandisk to get more fluff.

Fandisk of the year award: Code Realize Wintertide Miracles

I started it around Christmas last year, to better feel the atmosphere; I enjoyed it way more than Shukufuku no mirai (or Future Blessings, if you prefer), because it was way cuter and a perfect ending for this series.

Old but gold award: Amnesia World

No need to talk much about this famous series, this fandisk doesn’t add important elements to the story, but it’s still enjoyable for the fans or nostalgic players like me.

It wasn’t a kusoge! Award: Walpurgis no uta, Possession Magenta and Koroshiya to Strawberry

I’m giving those games the same award, since they suffer of a similar bad reputation, but I ended up enjoying them more than other way more famous games; they are not masterpieces, but I was interested enough to complete them without even thinking of dropping halfway.

I think they deserve a chance if you find a cheap copy.

Historical game of the year: Jyuuzaengi 2

As you probably know, I’m not a fan of historical games; but Jyuuzaengi is a series I love with all my heart, I’d recommend it to everyone.

Most boring game of the year: Dairoku Ayakashimori

I did my best to enjoy this game, since the setting is great; I really tried, many times, for months.

I even took a break at some point, wondering if the problem was me, since I kept falling asleep and wishing subcharas had a route instead. I’m sorry, but for me this was very disappointing.

Best tragedy and best plot award: The house in Fata Morgana

Not an otome game, but I still wanted to give an award to this beautiful visual novel; if you enjoy dark themes and mystery, I highly recommend you to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. But it’s heartbreaking, keep in mind.

OTOME GAME OF THE YEAR: Toraware no Palm

I love this series so much, I highly recommend everyone to play it!

Focusing on 1 guy only, spending a lot of time with him, trying to understand what happened in his forgotten past and which feelings he’s hiding behind his smile, creates a deep bond.

I really hope there will be another game.

Which was your otome game of the year?