My TOP10 otome game tropes in real life

We all have different preferences for otome game tropes: some of us like innocent tsundere, while others think creepy yandere are sexy (yeah, that’s me).

But have you ever thought, how they would be in real life?

Well, I tried to make a ranking based on which trope would be the best, if they would really exist in real life; let’s go, from the worst to real husbando material!

10- Yangire

This is without doubt the most dangerous type of guy you could ever meet in real life, you’d be in real danger: he would physically and emotionally hurt you a lot. Run away!

9- Yandere

His obsession is not healthy, being locked in a cage is not fancy even if there are cute plushies with you. He’s basically a stalker, call the police if you ever meet one!

8- Shota

He’s cute, but I don’t want to be reported to the police if someone sees us dating and thinks I’m seducing or molesting a child. No, thanks.

7- Playboy

I find them sexy in otome games, but I’d never choose a guy who loves to flirt with many girls in real life. I’m too jealous, sorry.

6- Sensei

I think many of us had a crush on a teacher, sooner or later.

If it actually becomes a relationship, it would probably be a huge problem; but if it’s true love, that’s ok I guess.

5- Genki

I love being surrounded by positive people, but if their energy level is too high, I really can’t keep up and I’d end up finding my boyfriend annoying pretty soon.

4- Megane

Why not? I’m not weak to this trope, but I’m not against boys wearing glasses, so it’s ok.

3- Kuudere

I get it, he’s cool, but probably too cold to be a good boyfriend. Unless you enjoy this kind of distant relationship, but it’s not for me, I want to feel loved.

2- Tsundere

Guys who are easily embarrassed and blush are really cute!

1- Childhood friends

I think it would be the best match in real life: you know everything about each other, there are no secrets; you’ve been your whole life together, growing up and supporting each other though hard times. No one can separate you!

What is your favorite real life trope?

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