My TOP10 otome games heroine’s clothes!

Depending on the setting, otome games characters wear a large variety of clothes, from simple school uniforms to very original and elegant outfits.

These are my personal favorites heroine’s clothes!

10- Nadeshiko (Clock Zero)

Her white clothes look pure and elegant, fitting perfectly her personality.

9- Kazuha (Period Cube)

Her clothes look like a sophisticated variation of a school uniform, but at the same time they fit the mood of a videogame heroine: cute, yet practical to fight.

8- Lily (Piofiore)

She looks modest, yet sophisticated.

7- Gerda (Snow bound land)

Those elegant clothes adapt perfectly to her sweet personality and soft smile, she looks like an heroine from a fairytale.

6- Tiana (Moujuutsukai to ouji sama)

Her clothes are extremely cute yet still practical to work.

5- Luna (Shiro to kuro no Alice)

I loved how Luna’s clothes fit perfectly her personality, she looked like a strong, determined dark queen.

4- Violette (Reine des Fleurs)

She looks like a fleeting creature, a dark and sad princess.

3- Ichi (Hana Oboro)

Sengoku clothes are a classic.

2- Fiona (Black wolves saga)

Being the daughter of an Earl, she dresses gracefully as a noble.

1- Cardia (Code Realize)

I love the steampunk theme, I’m a great fan of this style!

What’s your favorite?

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    1. Their clothes are amazing!! sometimes I wish I could cosplay them, but it’s really expensive and no one would recognize me at conventions….

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