My TOP10 underrated characters

Every time I write a TOP10, I always do my best to make this list vary, with characters from different games, so you won’t get the feeling that you are going through a variation of the same list over and over.

But obviously, having my favorite characters, I tend to include them whenever I can, in higher positions; I try to avoid it and be original, but there’s no help it.

So I decided to make a special ranking, made up exclusively of characters who never managed to be mentioned in my previous TOP10: those boys deserve some love, even if I somehow can’t give them enough recognition.

Let’s go!

10- Itsuki- Rear Pheles Red of Another

He loves reading and he’s a sweet, classy boy.

9- Mio- Storm Lover

He lives in his dreamy world, he’s unpredictable and difficult to understand; but he’s the most adorable guy you could imagine, his weirdness is kinda attractive. I know, it’s difficult to believe, but give him a chance!

8- Aje- Snow Bound Land

Even if I’m not weak to tsundere, usually, I admit Aje is too cute, his adorable reactions melt my heart.

7- Rei- Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen

He’s basically a prince charming, always polite and loved by everyone; but he hides a secret, which made him even more interesting.

6- Snow- Shiro to kuro no Alice

He’s so caring and reliable, I feel like I could trust my whole life to him.

5- Yun- Binary Star

He’s completely crazy, he made me laugh so much every time he was called “hentai”!

Since he’s always flirty and he tends to be overreacting, his route is comedy gold.

4- Mordred- Princess Arthur

He’s a nice, popular and reliable knight, but he also hides a mysterious side, which makes him difficult to read; I like guys who are deeper than they seem, even if they can be dangerous.

3- Astrum- Period Cube

I really loved the gap between his lonely personality in real life and his strong attitude in Arcadia, where he acted like a confident leader.

2- Leon- Reines des Fleurs

He fell in love at first sight and he never tried to hide his feelings; his desperation was even embarrassing to watch, but that’s why I love him!

1- Eltcreed- Steam Prison

His flirty attitude and weird personality made me fall in love really hard!

He can be a serious leader and a reliable boyfriend, but his funny humor is what got me attracted to him the most; he’s a great character, who deserves more love!

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