My unpopular otome game opinions!

I bet every otome game player is hiding a secret: maybe someone enjoys controversial tropes, or maybe they secretly love games considered kusoge by most of the fandom.

Well, after 7 years, I think it’s time for me to spill some tea and reveal my inner thoughts, those I usually avoid to talk about on twitter, because I don’t want to argue online; you know, sometimes people take hobbies and opinions too seriously, I don’t want to be part of that ridiculous stuff.

Ok, take a deep breath and let’s get started!

1- Reine des Fleurs was not THAT bad.

Even if it’s commonly considered a kusoge, I actually enjoyed it.

The Ravir system didn’t bother me, the characters were cool, the art was astonishingly beautiful, the BGM was great and I loved even Violette, I think a spoiled and egoist heroine is a nice change, for once. I’m really tired of heroines who are always willing to sacrifice themselves for others, I found her egoism more realistic. I admit I haven’t completed all the endings, it would have been really a pain, but I’m not obsessed with completion and I think that people would enjoy this game more, without worrying unnecessarily about trophies.

2- I couldn’t complete Ken Ga Kimi.

I know, it’s weird, since it’s considered a masterpiece.

But the common route was really too long and I lose interest easily, if a game can’t get my attention in a couple hours. I’ve promised myself I’ll try to play the routes I’m still missing, but I can never find the motivation.

3- Diabolik Lovers is not plotless blood sucking

Many people hate this series and I perfectly understand that it’s not for everyone, but saying that there’s no plot or character development in Diabolik Lovers is objectively wrong.

Also, judging people because they like sadistic characters is awful, we all have the right to enjoy our games, even if they can be controversial.

4- Enjoying yandere or onii chan tropes is legit

I get it, yandere are basically creepy stalkers and siblings loving each other is gross, that’s obvious.

But games and real life are different, enjoying these characters does not mean I’d love to experience that in real life. It should be obvious, but apparently it isn’t and I should feel guilty about it. Well, surprise, I don’t!

5- If I love/like/appreciate a villain or a controversial character, I’m not condoning his actions

Being fascinated by a charismatic villain, does not mean I agree with his awful behavior: I’ve always been intrigued by Mejojo’s personality, but there’s no way I would think that being a dictator who tortures people and orders a genocide is good. Who do you think I am?! Again, real life and games are on separate levels, no one was hurt while I played Black Wolves Saga. (actually, my soul was broken to pieces, but I agreed with that so it doesn’t count).

Well, that’s all. I don’t think someone will be offended, but I’m sure not everyone will agree… that’s my opinion, you’re free to have yours, but at least have some respect. It’s easy to attack and insult people on internet, I’ve seen that and I’ve also been through it, but this is just an hobby: take it easy!

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  1. I totally agree with your opinion! I love Mejojo and yandere characters as well! They are very interesting characters and I get excited when reading their stories with unexpected twists! I also have a tendency to like villainous characters like Zero in Collar x Malice for example… But it is just because they are very interesting and definitely not because we want to justify their actions. Thank you for the great content as always! ^^

    • otomeland il said:

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! ^^ I really wish more people had respect for others, instead of blaming them for their tastes, even if they are unpopular or different. I’m happy that I can talk to a lot of nice people in this fandom, who are open minded! ^^

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