Otopa is officially over, let me take a break from fangirling to actually write a wrap up post!

1- As many of us hoped, Collar Malice is going to get a sequel! This isn’t actually a huge surprise, this title is very popular and some kind of announcement was expected. But still, an amazing news!

2- Nil admirari anime will air in spring 2018!

I admit it’sooner that I expected, we already have a first trailer.

3- Shiro to Kuro Alice is getting a new game

4- New game (kind of) 真紅の焔 真田忍法帳 Kurenai no Homura Sanada Ninpou Chou

illustrated by: Shiki Sakigumi

Cast: Suwabe, Sugita, Okitsu, Suzumura, Hoshi

Well, this was actually already announced last year, but then it disappeared immediately (like Variable barricade), so it’s still somehow new!

5- Diabolik lovers Haunted dark bridal + More Blood PS4 Port.

As many of us already expected, Otomate is going to port their most popular titles on PS4; we all thought Amnesia was going to be announced, but it’s actually Diabolik Lovers!

6- Varriable barricade still exists!

We all wondered if it just silently disappeared, but finally the cast has been announced: Umehara Yuuichirou, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Nojima Kenji, Shimono Hiro.

7- A new game with mafia/Italy/island theme, illustrated by RiRi.

The cast is: Kimura Ryouhei, Ishikawa Kaito, Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Morikubo Shoutarou, Okamoto Nobuhiko.

(let me LOL at this because I’m Italian and I expect a lot of Italian cringe stuff!)

I’ve read the newspapers behind the characters, the italian is actually almost decent so: “It’s a land controlled by 3 organizations. The main character, Lily, has a mysterious stone with a stamp on her chest (sorry, the phrasing is weird). I’ve been raised in a monastery in that city and my mind is alive (I guess they mean she’s not corrupted by mafia) even if mafia controls the city. Lily lives in a neutral zone. Why is she aimed at? why is she protected? there’s pressure on the city and it’s a dense zone.”

8- A new game about Roses of Versailles.

9- New game with a Cinderella theme.

Cast: Hino, Uchida, Hanae, Okitsu, Sugiyama, Toriumi, Namikawa.

10- A new game illustrated by Teita

11- Tengai ni mau, Iki na hana

12- A PC project in 3 games

I’ve never thought I’d see otomate going for PC releases, maybe they’re trying to branch out since they still don’t know what’s the future of otome games after Psvita.

Most of the releases I’ve listed are going to be for PsVita, while others are going to have a dual release, also for PS4. I’m surprised to see there are no mobage, but I’m also relieved.

I hoped to see any kind of announcement about Psychedelica, but I guess it’s still too early for a 3rd game; I also hoped for a Collar malice anime, since it’s so popular.

Anyway, I don’t complain at all, this year’s Otomate party was really exciting and better than last year’s , there were more announcements and most of them seem promising!

Disclaimer: I haven’t been at the event myself, all the info I wrote here and in my previous posts come from various reports I’ve read and translated from twitter and otomate’s official site. Check it out to know more http://www.otomate.jp/event/party/newtitle/