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Otome games classics

Sometimes I meet people who are kinda new to otome games: maybe they just watched an anime adaptation and fell in love with one character, just to find out he’s actually dateable through a game; or maybe they’ve seen friends talking about a localization on twitter, they gave it a chance and fell in love with the genre.

I guess most of us have been through this when we started this amazing journey, so I’m always glad to give advice and help them to discover this magic world full of ikemen.

When someone asks me which games I’d recommend, I suddenly panic: even if I have my personal favorite games and I’ve even written a TOP10, I perfectly know that my tastes are not for everyone, since I mostly enjoy dark themes.

That’s why I thought it should have been nice to write a list of “classics” of this genre, which have been very popular and loved by most of the players.

I won’t rank these games, I’ll just list some that I consider milestones.


The most famous historical otome game.

We all have cried with them, it was painful, but I loved every single moment.


Toma’s cage is a classic and forever will, it’s iconic.


I bet we all fell in love with one of these brothers at some point; my favorite was Tsubaki, but I honestly loved them all.


Cardia’s story is very touching, she’s still one of the best heroines.


The most famous vampires of otome games.

Hate it or love it, this series is a classic when it comes to sadistic characters.


The most iconic school-themed otome game.

The idea of these guys representing a different Zodiac sign is captivating, we all tried to make comparisons with our sign and the guy representing it.


Probably the most famous idol/music otome game.

Personally I enjoyed the anime more, since the musical aspect is way more important than romantic scenes in most of the routes and I kinda prefer watching them from afar.

But without doubt, this is a classic and will always be.

Do you think I’m missing something? Is there another series that every otome gamer should try in their life?


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  1. Mari

    My first otoge was UtaPri Repeat on PSP.
    I’ve never played Brothes Conflict. Can you believe that?
    I want to play on Vita. Code Realize too.

    • otomeland

      Utapri Repeat makes me so nostalgic, I feel like an old grandma now! 😀
      Brothers Conflict for me is really iconic, but maybe it’s because it had a great impact on me, I wouldn’t be here if it didn’t exist. Or maybe I would have fallen anyway, watching Diabolik Lovers…. they are so different, yet I love them equally!

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