A few days ago, while I was reorganizing the otoge merch on my shelves, I found a few otome related manga I bought in Japan.

Every time I come back from my trips, I have too much stuff and not enough time to look at it properly, so I ended up forgetting about their existence and leaving them in a corner, collecting dust for months.

I thought that maybe someone could be interested if I showed or reviewed them, and I made a poll on twitter: most of the people would be curious to take a look at those manga, so I think it can become a good topic for a new series (weekly or monthly) here on my blog!

Let me show you what I got:

Most of them are manga, but one volume of BroCon is a short light novel (with a lot of pics tho…. let’s say it’s almost a manga) while Clock Zero is a light novel.

Reviewing Clock Zero is going to take me a lot of time for sure, since I read it last year and I need to focus on it once more from the start, to write a decent comment (I enjoyed it a lot, but it’s long… please be patient!!), so I’d prefer to start with manga.

Which one do you want to see first?