Personal (sad) stuff………….

Hello everyone!

This post will be kinda sad and I hate to write it as much or even more as you’ll hate to read it, so if you’re here just to have fun, please, run away while you still can!

I really want this blog to be an happy place, but sometimes life really gets on the way. And it makes me angry, really angry and frustrated.

If you’re still reading after this intro, I hope I won’t ruin your day… that’s not my goal, so you’re still in time to close it all and read something better.

Are you still here? I don’t know if you are a Do-m, or maybe you somehow care about me enough to go on with this struggle.

Well, let’s make it short.

We all know what’s happening around the world, this tragedy started months ago and it probably won’t end soon; I was lucky enough to have still my dear family and relatives here with me, even if Italy was hit really hard at first. We managed to survive, even if March and April were pure hell.

I’ll be honest with you: I stopped working around mid-February and started again around May, but my shifts were so little, I couldn’t even call that a real income.

It felt like the old times when I helped my mum doing house chores and she gave me an allowance, it’s still money, but it’s nowhere near a decent paycheck.

The situation improved in July and August, I was able to stand on my feet again and life seemed almost back to normal. But sadly, it’s getting worse again.

Why am I telling you such personal stuff? Because I want to explain properly why I probably won’t be able to afford buying otome games for a while, before you ask me when I’m going to review new releases. As a blogger, I find this really depressing, since you probably know how much I love sharing my passion for otome games with you.

I’m not saying this blog will close or go on hiatus, absolutely, I still can write a lot of TOP10 and reviews about games I already own.

I was also able to sell some of my otome stuff (if you are interested, there’s my drama cd post, I still have many), which allowed me to buy Cupid Parasite. Probably I’ll get Piofiore 1926 too, since I’ve been waiting to play it so much.

Don’t worry too much about me, I’m not saying I can’t afford my rent or my bills, my boyfriend is still working and I’m fine! But obviously, I have to cut on unnecessary things and otome games are really an expensive hobby.

After debating for literally weeks, I decided to open a ko-fi page, which you can see at the right of the page: I hate asking for money, I’ve never been into this fandom for this and you know I only write for passion, but I thought that maybe some of you may think my blog is worth some support, who knows? It’s obviously your choice. If you ever decide to support me in any way, I’ll guarantee your contribution will be invested entirely on this blog, to bring you more and better content.

Thank you for reading all this and sorry for bringing you sad feelings in these difficult times, we are all suffering from this situation and I hope you all are fine.

I just hope 2020 will end soon, bringing us some relief.

Again, sorry. Have a nice day!

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