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Piofiore Episodio 1926

Since I’ve madly loved Piofiore no Banshou, playing Episodio 1926 is something I was looking forward to with excitement and high expectations!

This is a sequel, so each route continues from the main game’s best ending and allows us to meet new characters to further develop the story.

I started with Dante, who is the main guy: his route was mostly about mafia betrayals and vengeance, so it felt a bit weak in the romance aspect; but it isn’t a fandisk, so the fluff is not the focus here. Teo’s story could have been really interesting if better developed, but as it was I could only see him as a butthurt brat who just went crazy for selfish reasons.

Dante is widely loved and I understand why, but he’s not my type: whenever I talk to him I can feel the weight of his responsability and I can’t fully enjoy his company.

That’s why I played my man Yang next.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m hopelessly in love with him, or if his route was objectively better written, but my level of interest and enjoyement literally skyrocketed!

Everything about Yang is amazing to me; I loved even the villain, Yuan.

I was expecting Rui’s betrayal anytime, but he was just a tsundere and now I wish he had a route; in a future fandsisk maybe? The bad ending was just sad, wich is almost disappointing since I wanted some plot twist, reveal or betrayal. Is it weird, if I wanted Liliana to become Rui’s woman? Or Yuan’s woman? Probably. It doesn’t mean I don’t love Yang enough, trust me, I really do.

I just wish I knew the new characters better, I think they are interesting enough to have their own route and ending.

Gilbert and Nicola were probably the characters I liked the least in the first game, but this sequel makes their flirty attitude shine even more, so my opinion changed a lot; Nicola is probably my 2nd favorite after Yang now, his beautiful eyes make me weak.

Orlok’s route gave me mixed feelings, I really love him, but I was expecting something more at this point; I mostly want to hug him, instead of considering him a boyfriend.

When you’re done with the main characters, you can play Alternativa.

As the name suggests, this is an alternative story, where the mafia clans join forces to find “phantom”, a guy who goes around killing people while leaving creepy messages to Liliana.

Depending on where you choose to stay to be protected, you spend some time with one of the boys and eventually make him fall in love.

Even if the plot itself didn’t get much of my interest and I even felt bored at some point, after the first run it got better and the final CGs were worth it.

Nicola’s route was my favorite since he talked about italian history, he even took part at Caporetto, poor guy; knowing this I gained more respect for him, and also for the writers of the game who took some time to search into italian history to write about those painful moments. Someone at otomate studied their lesson, I appreciate it.

The final route is Henri, which is strictly connected to Alternativa.

Even if I don’t like him that much (he’s not my type, sorry), I can’t deny that it’s the best written, it was really interesting and even made me emotional; I highly suggest to play it last, it’s a great conclusion of the story.

So, did I enjoy Piofiore 1926?

Yes, it’s a good sequel, but the feelings I got while playing this are nowhere near the emotions I felt while playing the main game. This is ok, it was entertaining, but for me Piofiore no Banshou was literally a masterpiece. Anyway, if Otomate decides to keep milking the cow and a fandisk is released, you can be sure I’m going to buy it immediately, those guys deserve it all!


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Dairoku Ayakashimori


  1. Dexterrraca Castellan Cassedane

    Hello Kyuu! It’s been a while how have you been ? I do agreed with you about the fact than Episodio 1926 doesn’t worth the first game, while it is not a disaster like used to be More Blood, i’ve found this sequel less entertaining than the previous game. I think than the fault comes from Takamura, he wanted so much to avoided release another sequel than he have rush the writing of Episodio 1926 without giving a proper conclusion, i didn’t get Henri route yet but my gosh Alternativa is sooo boring!

    While the short stories was good the main route plot looks like out from Tintin and this so unpleasant to read, otherwise i don’t ship Rui with Lily but i understand than you will ship Yuan with her, i wish than he got his own route too. Sadly they won’t have any sequel, two useless fandisk for Code Realize but Pio Fiore can’t get one apparently ugh!

  2. otomeland

    Hello!!! I’m glad to read you again, I haven’t seen you around for months I think! I’m fine, but pretty busy as you probably read in other posts. I hope you’re doing great as well!

    I really wish Piofiore had a cute sequel, but I guess there are no more hopes at this point, considering the new games releasing later this year. Well, if they run out of ideas, it’s probably better to stop instead of just ruin a good series. But I’ll miss Yang.

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