I was planning to write about Possession Magenta immediately after completing my first route, but since this game ended up being really short, I realized it was better to just wait and bring you a full review.

If you have already read my first impression post, you know I enjoyed it right from the start, even if I was expecting a boring kusoge; my opinions didn’t change, but there are many aspects I need to talk about.

First of all: the common route is so long, each guy has a whole chapter dedicated to deepen his relationship with the heroine; this can be a good or bad point, it depends on your taste.

Usually I dislike when individual routes are too short, because at the end you don’t even understand when exactly they started developing feelings for each other.

But since everyone seems in love with the heroine (or at least interested in her) from the start, it’s more than a “friendship” common route: I had this feeling of going through some kind of ikemen harem, a magical place where I could date them all at the same time without feeling guilty.

Maybe since I’m too tired from real life to focus on a single character for too long, this kind of writing was able to keep up my interest and I was always curious to play, just to know those guys better and see who had the best chemistry with Suzu.

In each chapter, one of the guys becomes possessed, he loses control and starts being violent; our heroine, who goes around collecting shining tarot cards, has the power to “purify” them, before they kill someone.

A little warning: some choices are timed, so if you are following a walkthrough, be careful before it’s too late! I knew it, but I forgot to check the coming choice a few times and I wasn’t able to answer properly; I had to get back loading from my last save point, which is not terrible since the skip function is kinda fast, but it’s obviosuly annoying.

Even if the common route is long, I enjoyed every chapter because of the charming characters: it’s an amazing group of friends, their interactions were so natural and funny, I felt really part of the game, as if they were my real friends. It’s rare for me, but I liked them all, there’s nothing I’d change.

The plot was intriguing enough, some scenes made me sad, while others made me scared or excited; anyway, I was never bored, which is great.

At the end of the routes, there’s not a decent expalanation about the truth, the case is not completely solved: that’s why there’s a True End, which unlocks after you’re done with all the characters.

Everything was poorly explained, but most of all too fast: in this situation, at least a few flashbacks would be nice, to understand which events lead to this accident.

This game has a huge problem with the writing: the story revolves around the idea of people possessed by tarot cards, which is interesting, but there’s no depth into this plot; honestly, the truth seems just a lame excuse to explain why this all started, but even the writers realized it was kinda stupid, so they didn’t bother making the True Route last for more than 30 minutes.

Well, I’m disappointed but not surprised.

In the end, did I enjoy Possession Magenta?

Suprisingly, despite all its flaws, yes! I came here expecting a boring kusoge, but I was entertained enough for the money I spent (which were about 12 euro, if I remember correctly).

I’m glad I didn’t buy it on release day, years ago, but since the price has dropped so much, it was still worth my time; if you can find a cheap copy like me, I can’t tell you to avoid it.

Keep in mind that it’s short, the individual routes are basically the last chapter after the long common route, and the romance aspect is not properly developed; well, even the characters don’t have a decent amount of time to make you feel attached to them.

This is not something I’d normally recommend, but if you like mystery and your PsVita is still alive, I found this entertaining enough to spend little money and a few hours.