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PSP games which deserve a port

Most of the successful PSP otome games released years ago had been blessed with a PsVita port: this means an improved screen resolution, but in some cases also the addition of new content (additional scenario, different endings, or even new characters).

Sadly, there were also amazing games which have been ignored for no apparent reason, and maybe the most recent players will never have the chance to play them.

These are some PSP games I really loved, which would deserve a new chance to shine!


Funny, colorful, original.

The plot itself it’s hilarious and the characters are all amazing; the maid, Satsuki, is the best supporting character ever.

Don’t let the stat raising system let you down: it may be annoying at times (Shinnosuke’s route is true hell), but it’s totally worth it.


I still wonder why this amazing game and its fandisk didn’t got twin pack psvita port. They truly deserve it! Those beautiful CGs drawn by Miko would look even better with a higher resolution, and I’m sure many players would be pleased to replay this great series.

They preferred to make a mobage version instead, but maybe we can still hope for a PS4 port. (it won’t happen, I know).


Old but gold. This game was so entertaining, I wish I could play it again and maybe also get a fandisk with fluffy moments: most of the endings were sad or bittersweet and I’d love to see them being happy, in the end. Maybe it’s impossible, given this kind of plot… but at least, I can dream.


Let’s face it, the plot of this game is really similar to Ouran Host Club.

Kiss kiss fall in love? Well, it’s old Rejet here, it’s more like Kiss Kiss fall in hell.

I’ve played this games years ago, back in the old times where I barely could understand japanese, and those creepy endings stuck in my head til now…. Wabisuke will always bee a great oniichan in my heart.

This was my last post for 2017, see you again next year!

I hope you will have fun tomorrow and start 2018 in the best way possible: being it with friends, family, loved one or simply playing games, let’s welcome this new year with hope, waiting for amazing things to come.

Stay healthy and be happy, dear friends!


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  1. Mahlenneth

    Definitely!! To all of them!!!
    Especially GHP which is one of my fav otoges until today.
    Btw, I recommend you Arcana Famiglia 😛
    I already said so on Twitter haha
    DEATH CONNECTION and GEKKA RYOURAN ROMANCE are on my backlog for years. I didn’t know they were good. I’ll try them next year for sure 😀

    • otomeland

      Death connection is really old, the art might pull you off, but the characters are amazing! I laughed like crazy at their interactions and almost cried at the end, it’s definetly worth playing.
      Gekka is pure gold if you appreciate Rejet’s creepiness at its best, some of the endings are wtf?! and there’s also a great oniichan!
      I think I’ll play Jyuzaengi next, but Arcana Famiglia is on my list too, when I’ll finally get to it. Someday……

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