Hello everyone! I’ve seen a “15 questions for otome gamers” going around on twitter some time ago, so why not posting my answers here, where I have more space to answer? It’s not mine, so thanks to whoever created this and feel free to answer in the comments!

I’m trying to be more active these days to keep you company on December, since Christmas holidays are approaching… I hope you appreciate this kind of post too!

1- Please Talk about your name!

My Twitter name is KyuMyMiracle and it comes from kpop, since I was a huge fan of Super Junior and mostly Kyuhyun. I kinda wanted to change it when I started playing otome games, but I didn’t want to erase my past completely. At this point, everyone knows me as “Kyu” in the fandom, I find it cute!

My real name is Ilaria (the italian version of Hilary) and it means “happy person”, which probably doesn’t suit me a lot, since I tend to be kinda malinconic at times. But I still like it, so it’s fine.

2- What made you begin playing otome games?

I’m sure all my readers know this story, so if you’re new here I’ll just tell you briefly that I watched Brothers Conflict anime, fell in love with Tsubaki, and somehow after years I’m still here.

3- How many years has it been since you started played otome games?

It was December 2013, so 8 years so far.

4- Which was your first otome game?

Brothers Conflict. I recently bought the Switch version and I plan to replay it soon.

5- Which consoles do you own?

PSP, PsVita and Switch, but I’ve also played otome on Ps3, Ps4 and PC occasionally.

6- Which is your n.1 otome game?

Hard to choose between Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly and Black Wolves saga.

7- What do you recommend the most for this game?

Both bring pain and despair, so I don’t know if I would recommend them actually, not to everyone at least!

8- Who is your favorite character?

Shuu from Diabolik Lovers probably, but I have at least 10 husbando!

9- How many games do you own?

Too many to count. About 80 maybe?

10- Which type of otome games are you obsessed with?

Dark stuff, tragedy and mystery. But I love comedy and fluff from time to time!

11- Which type of personality do you easily fall for?

Yandere and oniichan.

12- How many otome games have you played so far?

As you can see in my masterpost, more than 100!

13- Which otome game heroine is your favorite?

Cyrus from Steam Prison. If you’re interested in my TOP10 heroines, here it is!

14- Which otome games do you plan to buy next year?

Hamefura for sure, probably Radiant Tale too. There aren’t many news about new stuff, but I want to be positive.

15- If you could erase your memory to replay one game, what should it be?

Kokuchou no Psychedelica. It was probably the only game that made me cry, I want to relive those feelings.

Now, it’s your turn! And if you have any random question for me, even difficult and annoying ones, this is the perfect moment to ask! I’m sure some of my readers are curious or have some assumptions about me, mostly new people who came here just recently. Don’t be shy…………