Random personal post: my 2018 and my resolutions for 2019!

2018 really ended too fast, it feels like the shortest year of my life; a lot of bad and good things happened, but overall it was nice and enjoyable.

It felt like a peaceful year, especially if I compare it to 2017, while 2019 it’s going to be harder for sure. But it’s too early to worry about it now.

Well, let’s take a look at my past resolutions and see what I was able to accomplish in these past months.

In 2018, I wanted to:

Be positive. I want to wake up in the morning and feel happy just for being alive, instead of sighing and complaining all the time.”

I feel a lot better now, my mental health improved a lot after I quit my job and I was able to leave all the worst feelings behind me; it was hard, but I made it.

Find a better job.”

I haven’t started yet, but I found a place to work from January/February.

I’m worried but happy, I hope this new start will be positive!

Study more Japanese.”

Well….. I admit it, I haven’t studied that much.

My japanese probably didn’t improve, but I’m still playing otoge almost everyday and I keep watching idol stuff and dramas without english subs, so it didn’t get worse. At least, I hope so.

Without a goal of traveling to Japan soon, I didn’t feel the motivation to increase my level.

Learn Finnish.”

I did my best! Well, honestly my level is still terrible, but I can understand many words and even simple sentences. I’m nowhere fluent and I probably won’t ever be, but since I started from the most basic point (I literally knew just kiitos), being able to listen to music and somehow understand the general meaning or at least some words, still feels good to me.

If next year I’ll be able to travel there, as I hope, I’ll do my best to keep improving!

Improve my blog.”

I can’t judge for myself, my readers should tell me if my blog improved… but I updated it at a good pace and I always tried to write interesting posts, so I think I can be quite proud of my work!

Write on another blog.”

I wanted to write on another anime blog, but I only watch like 1 or 2 anime every season, so it didn’t make sense. Well, no regrets!

I’m quite satisfied, I managed to accomplish a lot of my 2018 resolutions!

I guess it’s time to aim even higher and set my goals for 2019:

1- Start a new job

After my needed break, I’m ready for something new! It’s going to be hard, but also exciting and I hope it will be a good experience! I’ve never worked in a shop, my past job was in an office and it was completely different… dealing with customers will probably be hard, but I’m positive.

2- Move to a better city

I don’t like this town and I just lived here because this house was close to my previous job.

But I’m done with that place, so I want to move somewhere else, with a nicer environment!

3- Travel to Finland

It has always been one of my dreams, maybe it’s the right moment to make it come true!

4- Improve my Finnish and Japanese. And maybe even start learning German?

I love languages, but learning is a never-ending process so I can’t stop studying or I would probably forget everything; if I have time enough, I’d love to learn German or Swedish.

5- Read at least 20 books

I love reading and this year I discovered again my long lost love for Agatha Christie.

I want to read all her books, they are more than 80 so it won’t be possible so soon… but I set a goal of 20 for next year!

6- Keep working on my blog to make it useful and interesting

I don’t think my love for otoge will disappear soon, but it would be nice if I could keep up writing reviews despite my busy days.

7- Make more friends!

Moving for my job and life problems made difficult for me to meet real life friends and after college ended our lives became busier.

I’ll do my best to meet new people and become more extrovert.

Well, that’s all.

I set a lot of goals, maybe I’m too optimistic, but I can’t just stay still and expect miracles to happen without efforts. I’m going to work hard next year to become a better person.

Thank you all for reading my blog and bearing with me through these years, I hope your 2019 will be wonderful and your wishes will come true!

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