Random post about Rejet and my backlog!

Hello everyone!

Autumn is coming, but somehow my mood is up lately! This summer was too hot, it’s been a living hell for almost 4 long months, I was waiting for rain like desperate. How is the weather where you live?

Recently, there was a big news in the otome games world: Sony has decided to stop the production of PsVita, which means this console will be officially dead in a few months.

Well, this is not surprising.

If we pretend to ignore how it failed in the western market, we must consider it’s pretty old now and it couldn’t just exist forever. Consoles change and improve, it’s a matter of fact!

I still remember when people were worried or pissed off, when otoge moved from PSP to PsVita; but it’s something we can’t avoid, let’s embrace it.

We already know Otomate is moving to Switch, but what are other companies going to do?

Iwasaki made a twitter poll, asking us to choose how we prefer to play Rejet games in the future.

There were 3 options: Switch, PC and mobile.

I answered Switch, even if I don’t plan on buying it soon: I can’t imagine myself playing games only on PC and mobile was obviously not an option for me.

I wish I could answer Ps4, but I guess it didn’t stand a chance and they ignored it from the start.

Have you voted on that poll too? What did you choose?

In the end, Switch won the poll, followed by PC.

I’m glad mobage came last, but still many people voted for it… too many people, it’s almost scary.

A future when the otoge console market dies may happen in a near future, I hope at that time I won’t be into this hobby anymore, cause it would be a huge pain for me, I’m not even lying!

I hoped Iwasaki would tell us something about it almost immediately, just to let us know what they are going to do with their future releases, but they decided to hold an announcement event in about 2 weeks instead.

I guess we just have to wait and see, I’m trying to keep my expectations low, but I still hope to hear good news: I’ve always loved Rejet games and it would be really disappointing if they just decide to go for mobage. My gaming life would feel empty!

On other news, after Piofiore there’s only one PsVita game left to order for me (or so it seems, so far), which is Shiro Kuro Alice FD.

I guess it’s finally time to take a proper look at my backlog, since I’m going to play all or some of those games in the next months!

I often joke about it, saying it’s terrible or neverending, so I’d like to show every game to you and hear your opinion. I’m sure most of the players are in a similar situation!

Let’s look only at the PsVita stuff, cause I’m too slow with my PC and PSP games, it may took ages before I actually get myself to start one of them. Yeah, I’m a bad person.

  • Re:Viced: old but good, or so I’ve read.

  • Hana Oboro: historical stuff with good art, it may end up enjoyable.

  • Yunohana Spring Cherishing Time: the first game was cute, I hope this will be nice too.

  • Tierblade Fragments of Memory: I’ve already played most of it, but it was boring and I wasn’t in the mood to complete it.

  • Nil Admirari FD: I loved the first game, I’m excited for this!

  • Shinobi koi utsutsu FD: I’ve already played half of it and it wasn’t that great, let’s see when I’m in the mood to complete it.

  • Piofiore: this is the game I’m looking forward to playing the most, I can’t wait! It could be my game of the year, I feel it.

  • Charade Maniacs: all those characters are kinda worrying, but I have good hopes.

  • Bad Apple Wars: I don’t expect too much, but it was cheap, so… yeah.

  • Norn9 Last Era: I’m so late for this, I’ll try my best to play it soon.

  • Kurenai no homura Sanada Ninpou Chou: basically an Hakuouki copy-cat, but let’s see if it’s enjoyable.

  • Code realize shirogane no kiseki: I’m getting a bit tired of this series, but I love Saint Germain so I had to get this.

  • Usotsuki Shangri La: Rejet stuff is always welcomed in my life.

  • Hyakka Yakou: probably not that good, but we’ll see.

  • Vamwolf cross: I admit it, I bought this just because it was cheap (about 1200 yen), but I haven’t great expectations.

  • Utsusemi no meguri: sexy oni trash, why not?

Since I’m almost done with Collar Malice Unlimited, I think I’ll complete Tierblade first: there’s not much left, it’s better if I end it now while I still remember where I stopped. But going for something older doesn’t seem like a bad idea too.

What do you think of my backlog? How is yours?

Please, tell me I’m not the worst!

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  1. I voted on Switch too. I don’t plan to buy one so soon. And I just got a Vita xDD
    I’m always like this haha
    I still play games on my Psp. And I’m happy that I finally got a Vita to play new otoges 🙂
    It’s hot here. We’re in spring now.

    1. It took you ages to finally get a Vita, I guess you’ll never think about a Switch! XD if your boyfriend is a gamer, you can still borrow it from him!
      Actually, I’m planning to start buying games before I get the console itself, so I don’t have to worry about them being sold out… I did it for Vita too, back in 2015.
      But this goes only for those I really want, Cendrillon Phalika looks good, but not enough for me to get it immediately. I’ve stopped being blinded by good art a long time ago!
      I’m still playing something on PSP from time to time, I’ve just started Toki no kizuna FD and I love it, there’s way more romance than the first game!
      Let’s see what Rejet is planning to do: if Dorico ever gets released, and it’s on Switch, I need to have my copy immediately!
      I can’t wait for the event, it’s also streamed on YouTube!

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