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TOP10 Otome games: my recommended games!

I’ve been playing otoge for a few years now, and obviously I went through many different kind of games: amazing ones, mediocre ones and also really bad ones (or kusoge, if you prefer).

Some of them left a great impression to me: they made cry, they made me smile… anyway, they made me feel emotions, and it’s the reason why I still keep enjoying this hobby.

I hope this TOP10 will make you curious about games you’ve never played yet or even heard about!

10- Gekka ryouran romance

Creepy and twisted, as you can expect from Rejet. Some routes were really dark, the endings were shocking, but it’s worth playing because it’s quite different from the usual otoge’s themes. It may seem prectictable at first, but the more you know about the characters and the more you will feel attracted to their madness.

9- Glass heart princess

Bright and funny, with amazing art and great characters. Shinnosuke is the butler of my dreams and I wish Satsuki was my best friend. The stat raising system may be annoying, but it’s totally worth it in the end.

8- Nightshade/Hyakka Hyakurou

The plot is amazing and well written in every route, I literally couldn’t stop playing: I needed to know the truth, and it was even more shocking. It was so tragic, it pierced my heart. Teita’s beautiful art makes it even better, and suits perfectly the historical setting.

7- Amnesia

This was one of the first games I’ve played, and I really loved every character. Shin’s route was very interesting, because I had to solve a mystery and the truth was quite shocking; Toma’s cage is one of the creepiest situation I’ve ever faced in an otoge; Kent blushing in the end made my life complete; Ikki has a special place in my heart, this man deserves more love; and Ukyo was a really devoted lover…I mean, what he did for the heroine was really amazing!

6- Steam Prison

This game is perfect if you enjoy mysteries and you are looking for a strong heroine who knows how to fight!

The plot is deep and well written, the mysteries are unveiled in different routes and I was always curious to discover the whole truth; as I played, I’ve learned that nothing is as it seems and even nice characters can hide something dark and terrible behind a smile.

Cyrus is a great heroine, who always fights to defend her beliefs, even if she’s completely alone; she never stays quiet, waiting for a prince charming to rescue her, but she’s the one deciding her fate. Well, I guess a frail, typical eyeless heroine wouldn’t survive a day in that awful place.

Steam Prison is dark, violent and sad, but still there’s no lack of romance at all, so it can be enjoyed by eyeryone. Unless you’re looking for a funny, cute love story, obviously.

5- 7’scarlet

If you enjoy mystery and horror, this game is perfect for you: the scary plot, the interesting characters, the creepy BGM and the amazing animations made it perfect to me. There was enough romance too, despite it being mostly shocking and tragic. This is recommended to everyone who loves dark settings!

4- Collar Malice

The plot was really interesting and I loved all the characters; the heroine was strong and smart, I liked her attitude: even when the situation was difficult, she never gave up. The ending was amazing, I couldn’t predict the culprit at all and I was shocked! Also, the art is beautiful and the BGM too. The final phrase “everyone has an invisible collar attached” got me thinking, it was deep.

3- Black wolves saga

This is pure despair. In the end, you will feel empty and shocked. The creepy endings will haunt your dreams. The plot is painful, tragic, and wonderful at the same time.

2- Piofiore no banshou

I loved everything about this game: the Italian setting, the plot, the art… but most of all, every single character had his own charm, they were unique and amazing. The writing was so good, I never felt bored and I was deeply involved in every route, even if the boy’s personalities were completely different. I even grew attached to subcharacters and it’s really rare for me.

There’s a lot of violence, so it’s not meant for everyone, but for me it was a masterpiece.

1- Kokuchou no Psychedelica

This game was absolutely amazing. I’ve cried so much while playing, I was so shocked to discover the truth… it really broke my heart for various reason. All this guilt, regret, pain… I could feel it in every route, in different ways; it was really sad, but great. I just wished it was longer, but it’s better short and intense, instead of filled with useless scenes.

As you can see, I prefer darker themes and suffering, then brighter games; this doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy funny games like Storm Lover, but for obvious reason they didn’t left me a strong impression like the ones I listed, with a deeper plot.

I reviewed most of these great games, hoping I can make more people interested in them… you won’t regret it, I swear!


Glass Heart Princess


Taisho Alice


  1. Annesthesya

    Wow, what an interesting top 10. I didn’t expect some games haha.
    I still want to play Clock Zero and Kokuchou no Psychedelica someday. And if Gekka ever gets a port, I would like to play too.
    Nanami was also my fav heroine in Norn9! I expected a bit more in her routes but it was interesting to have a kuudere heroine.

    • otomeland

      Which game surprised you the most? Reine des fleurs, probably! I know many people hated that game for various reasons (the heroine, the plot, the 40 bad endings), but I actually enjoyed it very much, it was one of my favourite games last year. For the trophy hunters it’s been a nighmare, obviously…. but I’m not one of those who need too obtain the platinum everytime, so I just unlocked every CG and that’s it! The ravir system wasn’t annoying to me at all. Maybe the wonderful art blinded me, who knows! XD

  2. Mahlenneth

    Some of these games I can play on Steam 🙂
    Kokuchou no Psychedelica is on my list.
    I’ll fav this post <3

    • otomeland

      Oh you’re right, some of them are on Steam! Actually, I’ve recently replayed Psychedelica on Steam even if I already own the PSVita JPN version, but it was the chance I was waiting for to get through this amazing game again. It’s nice to see how most of my favorite games have been localized, I’m glad they got the attention they deseve!

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