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Selling my drama cds!!

Hello everyone!

I was cleaning my otome shelf yesterday, and I realized I have a lot of drama cds which came with preorders of otome games: I’ve listened to some of them just once, some others are still sealed and brand new. So, why not trying selling them?

It’s something I never did as a collector, but since I never give them proper attention, I guess they just deserve a better home. I’m sure some of you will appreciate them!

Prices are:

  • Dance with devils 13$ or 10 euro.

  • Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden 15$ or 12 euro.

  • Bustafellows 13$ or 10 euro.

  • Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival 15$ or 12 euro.

  • Nil Admirari is still sealed and brand new, 20$ or 15 euro.

  • Collar Malice 15$ or 12 euro.

  • Sanada Ninpou Chou is still sealed and brand new, 20$ or 15 euro.

  • Haitaka no Psychedelica 15$ or 12 euro.

  • Klap Fun Party 10$ or 8 euro

  • Shinobi koi utsutsu 13$ or 10 euro

I know already that no one is going to ask for Oumagatoki or Rear Pheles, so I can just give them for 1$ if you buy something else.

  • Bad Medicine 15$ or 12 euro.

  • Shiro to kuro no Alice is still sealed and brand new, 20$ or 15 euro.

If you are interested in something, but think the price is too high, let’s talk about it: the more you buy, the more I can give you discounts.

Contact me on twitter, my profile is @KyuMyMiracle !


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  1. Hello I am reading your blog and it is great. I am an otome gamer myself and write a blog mainly in my native tongue but you can find sth in English too. Are those cds are still in sale ?

    • otomeland

      Hello and thank you! ^^ yes, I still have most of them, which drama cd interests you the most? if you have twitter, can you send me a private message there, so we can talk in private easily?

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