Shiro to kuro no Alice drama cd

Little disclaimer before I start: as you probably know already, I’ve self studied japanese and my listening skills are no perfect as a pro-translator. For this reason, I’m not making a detailed translation, just a short resume of the content of this drama cd. I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

All the main characters are invited by Snow and Rain to a sudden tea party, but Kanon suspects something is weird: why have they all being called? The usagi brothers are probably planning something.

Snow admits it’s true! They have received a request from a person who asked for help: he’s in love with a girl, and wants to take her on a perfect date; that’s why they should hold a contest, to decide what’s the best date plan possible.

The queen agreed, but there were no contestants…. and who is better than them?

Even Rain is competing, but “for the sake of the country, not to please the queen!”. (of course)

At first, the boys complain; but they end up accepting, because there’s also a big prize.

The contest starts, hosted by Snow, and there’s a huge crowd; the poor Jack is absolutely terrified!

Minette speaks first.

The most important thing is to surprise the girl he’s dating and make her dokidoki; he must use some magic, and then whisper gently “I really wanted to meet you”.

The crowd goes wild, but it’s just the beginning. He has suggestions even for those who can’t use magic: he can give them the potions he makes!

Obviously, Rain and Snow stop him immediately from talking about his weird stuff.

Nello is next.

For him, what matters is that the girl has lots of fun: drinking tea together, being alone…. and that’s it, literally nothing more!

Jack starts stuttering as usual, then he takes a deep breath and talks about his ideal date with the queen (even in his dreams, he can’t think of any other girl): he will take her to her favorite places to eat strawberry sweets, so she will smile and be happy for sure!

While he was still talking, Snow cut his speech because he was just listing different kind of strawberry foods.

Kanon’s ideal date involves hats and eating sweets together… but as Nello points out, this will just please him, not the girl! Kanon is tired of speaking already, his throat is dry; he stops explaining his date plans and asks Nello to prepare a tea.

It’s finally Rain’s turn and he proposed to go out and relax in the quiet forest, where there are just a few people.

Snow is last.

He says is important to give the girl a present: flowers are perfect, but must be chosen carefully, thinking about the color which most suits her and the meaning they convey.

It’s time to decide the winner, but…….the crowd is busy drinking the tea Nello is preparing!

Basically, he started by making tea for Kanon, but everyone joined and they stopped caring about the contest. There’s also the person who asked them for help in the beginning, drinking happily with his girlfriend… which means, the contest was useless from the start!

Nello blames Kanon, because is obvious that the prize won’t be assigned anymore, since there’s no winner. Kanon points out that he shouldn’t complain, because he’s making money by selling tea anyway.

Minette is pleased because there are a lot of cute girls and Rain says the contest was a success anyway, because the citizens are having fun.

When the party is over and they finish cleaning…… Kanon says he’s thirsty, so they end up drinking tea together again!

Well, I admit this was really funny.

I’m not a great fan of drama cds, without any kind of visual support I tend to get bored soon, but I love their interactions: it’s always nice hearing them arguing with each other, their chemistry is great!

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