I’ve always loved the Storm Lover series, even if it’s just a school themed otoge: the characters are always unique and the system is fun, so I really needed to try the 2nd too!

The setting is exactly the same, but the events of this game happen about 3 years after the original one, with different students and teachers.

We also get to meet the “old” characters sometimes, who have now graduated and attend college.

I’ve played Yamato first, who is the optimistic an genki high school president: his story was weird but fun, as you can expect only by Storm lover; don’t ask for a plot that makes sense, just enjoy the awkwardness and the crazy stuff.

Kazuhisa’s route was different from what I expected: I thought he was going to be a bitchy shota, but it was also a yandere and quite abusive.

Shota, oresama, yandere and bitchy idol, all in one person… you can tell this is going to end up bad.

He also kept treating the heroine like a pet ant it irritated me a lot, how can you joke like that with your girlfriend? This is not funny! I was angry, but also somehow interested… (am I really that do-m??)

Makoto reminded me of Yuuto from Storm Lover Kai: rich, serious, reliable…. and he knew nothing about “normal people”, since he’s never been to a fast food.

I kept having dejavu of Yuuto, when he wanted to pay an ice cream with a check!

Makoto’s father was even more strict, but I appreciated to see him giving up the family business and pursue his dream, I was expecting Makoto to become a rich boss or a normal person, not an astronaut! Well, he was a genius anyway.

Koutaro was a great tsundere, his embarrassed face and cheesy romantic lines were awkward but really cute. He’s good at Kendo and always picks up fights, but he’s just a nice boy who enjoys playing with children and takes care of abandoned kittens.

The best route of the game for me was Riku, I wasn’t expecting those otaku funny scenes!

His reaction when he first went to Akihabara was similar to mine, like “woooo, I’m really in Akiba, that’s so cool!!” and when the heroine showed no interest in anime I was so disappointed….I still don’t get why. I mean, we should empathize with her, why they decided to portray her so different from the “typical” otome game player? It doesn’t make sense!

Haruto’s route would have been kind of plain, if it wasn’t for the facepalm and trolling I kept finding in the answer I could choose for his messages…. I could almost insult him, poor boy!

Anyway, this route should be focused on his relationship with his ill brother, but it was mostly about Haruto becoming a regular member of the basketball club.

I couldn’t help but think the whole time about his job as a host, which was showed sometimes and for weird reasons didn’t bother the heroine at all!

She even saw him with girls, but she apologized to him instead for disturbing while he was working……….. wtf?! This was so absurd, I just had a good laugh about it.

I don’t know, this route just felt like a troll one, but I don’t complain since it was actually funny.

Shiina is the only character who is in every Storm Lover game, and I admit I love his (terrible) attitude since the first time I met him!

Someone probably hates him, he’s difficult to handle, but at least he never gets boring; seeing him date both the heroines, I have to say I almost prefer the original one.

I don’t know why, since they are pretty similar (and they basically have no personality tbh), but when he was talking about his first love (obviously, the Kai/Natsukoi’s heroine), I felt nostalgic and even jealous. They were a lovely couple, even if he was a young brat back then!

Anyway, this concludes the Storm Lover series, and I have to say that I don’t really need another one. It was funny, the characters interactions were good, but… I’m getting too old for school games, and after years of gaming I prefer something with a deeper plot.

But if you’re looking for something funny, or you’re a japanese language beginner, I thing this series is overall nice and better than Starry sky.

Even if the heroines are different, I suggest to start from Kai, because in 2nd there are a few references to the previous games; also, I think the originals were funnier.