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Thank you and happy new year!

Hello everyone!

This is my last post of 2021, so I want to take this chance to say goodbye with you to the past year and wish you all a bright future in the months to come.

Maybe you’ve noticed it, in December I did my best to be more active here and to entertain you a bit, since probably most of my readers are enjoying their Christmas holidays.

I still don’t know where the new year will take me, but it’s going to be busy, at least at first: I’m moving to my new house in February, which means the next few weeks are going to mess up my free time a lot. I’ll do my best to not disappear completely, but don’t be too worried if I don’t post for a while; I’ll eventually be back.

As every content creator who is doing this kind of stuff just for hobby, this year I changed my mind a lot of times, even considering seriously to close this blog or start a long hiatus; sometimes taking a break is important, even just for a month, to reflect on priorities.

While I didn’t update, even if I was almost relieved at first, I realized how much I missed sharing my opinions, even if it’s just about silly things or nostalgic thoughts.

I’m sure, if you’re a long time reader, that you’ll notice the mood behind some of my posts: even if I don’t show my face, through my words is obvious if I’m writing something because I really want to talk about it, or if I’m kinda forcing myself to just come up with a post to keep this blog alive.

I know what you’re thinking, now: “if you don’t want to do it, just slow down or quit”. And you’re right.

But sadly, I have that kind of personality, that makes me want to do everyhing at my best, always, or I’ll end up feeling guilty; there’s no way for me to write just random posts once in a while, I’m that kind of person who wants to come up with a schedule and update it regularly, or just close it up and erase it all, as if it never existed.

I don’t want the latter to happen, but I can’t keep up with the first option too, which makes me frustrated. But I’m not here to rant, I just want to be as honest as possible with you.

Even if sometimes I have this love/hate realationship with my blog, I won’t stop updating until I still have something to say, being it reviews or just random memories; and if you’ll still come here, reading my posts and finding them entertaining or at least interesting, thank you and welcome to my little family! I’ll do my best to give you a reason to come here, when you have some free time for me.

Lastly, but most importantly, I’d like to take a chance to thank all the people who encouraged me through the years, with sweet messages that made me think that my efforts, somehow, are still worthy; you know who you are. The comments you wrote on my blog, the private messages you sent me here and on twitter, I wrote them all in a little, yellow notebook, to be sure I won’t forget them; when I’m feeling down and I’m almost sure that no one cares about my opinions, I read those words and find motivation to keep up, for the people who believe I have something to say, which is worth their time. When I find someone bought me a coffee on ko-fi, I swear I’m even confused, since I don’t feel enough.

With my bad english, my weird taste, my random opinions, if you think I’m still an interesting person, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I wish you all the best, you’re my treasure.


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  1. Nightreader

    Happy new year (soon)! I just found your blog this year and tbh it’s one of my favourites, I really like reading your thoughts on things whether they’re lists or reviews or just rants haha I hope you won’t let the blog trouble you, it’s okay if you update rarely or not at all if you feel that way. The most important is for you to enjoy what you’re doing 🙂

  2. otomeland

    Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 I’ll try to take it easy, but I know how my mind works, I’m sure I’ll end up paranoid as usual! I hope you’ll keep enjoying my content, whatever it is! if you have requests or suggestions, ask me everything and I’ll try my best, happy new year!! ^^

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