Time to celebrate: happy 2nd anniversary to my blog!!

It’s that time of the year again……………….

You know what it is……………………

It’s my blog’s birthday today!

Happy 2nd anniversary!!

Somehow, it feels like I’ve been running this blog for my whole life and thinking that it didn’t even exist two years ago makes me feel weird.

Anyway, thanks to all my readers and friends who have been here from the start, and thanks to everyone who joined this mess just recently too!

It’s been a crazy year in my life, but somehow I managed to keep up and it’s time to look back and figure out if I was able to write something decent in these past months.

Let’s take a look at my posts this year, starting from the good achievements:

  • I wrote 17 otome games reviews

They were mostly games I’ve played this year, but also random old reviews I still wanted to translate from my old blog. My writing style is not that great since my English is far from perfect, but I did my best as always and put my passion in each one of them.

I hope they were useful to someone and I’ll try to keep this pace until I can!

  • I wrote 19 TOP 10

I won’t lie, I keep writing so many TOP10 because I have so much fun when I struggle to choose the characters and I can’t decide which position they deserve!

I hope you enjoy my weird tastes and I’ll do my best to come up with new interesting TOP10 next year!

After the good results, let’s take a look at the points I have to improve:

  • I wrote 3 drama cd reviews

I know, I should have done better. I always promise to write more, but I actually just listen to drama cds that come with games and they are rarely interesting, that’s why I don’t feel the need to write a resume. But I’ll try to work harder for my 3rd anniversary!

  • I translated 1 magazine interview

I wanted to start this new project, bringing many translations from magazines, but it ended up being a pretty long job and I don’t know if many people are actually interested.

But I don’t want to give up like this, I’ll choose soon other articles about seiyuu or games.

  • I’ve reviewed 1 otome game related manga

Well, I basically completed Diabolik Lovers More Blood Prequel.

Maybe one day I’ll get in the mood for Amnesia or Utapri too.

  • I wrote 14 random posts

I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad point, but this year I started writing personal posts about my life or opinions about various gaming issues. I don’t know if they can interest someone, but since it’s my blog and I opened it for sharing my opinions, I think some random thoughts are not bad from time to time. I hope they aren’t a bother to my readers, but I guess they are still going to appear in the future!

Last but not least, I wanted to talk about special posts, written by my boyfriend when he accepts to watch something otome related!

  • My boyfriend wrote 6 guest reviews this year

I really need to thank him for bearing with my fangirl life and contributing to keep this blog alive with his trolling.

Well, that’s all, thank you for reading this random post till the end!

I’ll keep doing my best and I hope I can come up with interesting posts in the years to come too!

If you have suggestions to help me improve this blog or you want me to talk about other topics, this is your chance! different opinions and ideas are always welcomed, I’d like this to become a useful place for otome games players and a good guide for beginners at this genre, not just MY place.

Let’s try to make it better for the 3rd anniversary!

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  1. Happy 2nd anniversary!! 😀
    Wao, 6 reviews your boyfriend wrote xD
    I haven’t read them all yet because I haven’t watched some otoge animes ^^’

    1. I’ll try to make him play some Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly when it gets released on Steam! I loved that game and I want him to try at least for a bit… let’s see if he can come up with a short opinion!
      Maybe I’ll show him KamiAso anime too, it was funny….

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