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Tlicolity Eyes 3

When I first started playing Tlicolity Eyes 1, I wasn’t expecting to fully complete this game: I’ll be honest, Episode 3 looked the least interesting to me, since I’m not into shota, idols or otoko no ko.
But I enjoyed so much Episode 1, that I ended up buying Episode 2. At that point, why not completing the full game? So here we are!
Even if my expectations were low, I admit I was wrong, really wrong; I’m glad I decided to give this a chance, since it was very entertaining, cute and way sexier than I expected, considering the guy’s young age.
The heroine is Aoi, a 25 years old manager, who takes care of Kou, a promising young idol.
She’s older than the standard heroine’s age, which I really appreciate, since I can better relate to her feelings and worries; I personally wouldn’t date a 6 years younger boy in real life, but I understand her struggle and I enjoyed living these emotions through her.
I guess Otomate is realizing that otome gamers’ average age is rising, so they wanted a more mature heroine; this is welcomed!
Her powers are the same as the previous episodes’ heroines, which is basically improving other people’s skills of any kind; but when she does it, the guy falls in love with her for a few minutes, trying to seduce her.
Let’s talk about the dateable boys, Kou and Yuu.
They are twin idols, who usually work separated, since they are not in the best relationship possible.
Kou pretends to be a sweet and happy guy to attract fans, but he’s secretly a spoiled tsundere, who is in desperate need of attentions from Aoi.
He’s obviously in love with his manager from the start, since he gets mad when she refuses to talk immediately about her private matters with him. Also, he forbids Aoi to use her powers in front of other males, since he’s scared she could be in danger for the side effects.
He tries to appear distant and cool at first, I guess he wants to be more mature because he’s afraid of the age gap; well, it doesn’t work, his true feelings are obvious.
His confession came pretty soon and it was a nice surprise: I was prepared for a slow burn route full of misunderstandings, but he made his feelings clear, there was no escape.
I felt sad when she rejected him, but having a relationship with an idol, who is also way younger, is not easy; I can’t blame her.
Aoi realized her feelings slowly, when Kou decided to change his attitude to become more serious and diligent: I appreciate this kind of development, it felt natural.
Kou’s confidence is really dangerous, I started feeling attracted too!
Overall, it was a great route, I enjoyed every moment of it.
Yuu has a completely different attitude.
He’s mostly disguised as a girl, since being mysterious and ambiguous is the charm that attracts his fans: everyone knows he’s a male, but apparently they love seeing him dressed up as a doll.
In real life, he’s very straightforward and provocative, he enjoys teasing Aoi and watching her embarrassed reactions.
At some point, he said: โ€œso, you’re weak for younger boys, aren’t you?โ€ and for some reasons I felt personally called out.
I really loved to see him overcome his struggles, to find his true talent and his true self, without wearing a mask only to feel appreciated by others.
Then, the great ending: time for a love triangle with these twins!
I won’t lie, I enjoy this kind of situation since Brothers Conflict, so I was jiggling the whole time.

So, do I recommend Tlicolity Eyes 3?
Yes, absolutely!
Even if you’re not fond of shotas or idols, like me, don’t let their appearance fool you: their routes are really entertaining, I’m sure you’ll fall for both twins as I did.
Aoi is probably my favorite heroine of this series, I wish there were more older girls as female protagonists. Anyway, I played this game on PC in 3 separated episodes, but I highly recommend you to buy the Switch port and enjoy every route, these boys deserve it!


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  1. Esse

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it! The whole trilogy seems pretty fun, which I guess is the whole point of it lol. I hope to start the trilogy myself sometime in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you planning to try out Katakoi Contrast too?

    • otomeland

      So far I have no plans for Katakoi Contrast, not immediately at least, but I change my mind pretty often! I started a new job, so maybe I’ll have some extra money for games I wasn’t planning to buy at first. Since the year is almost over, I’ll think about my 2021 gaming schedule soon, I hope you’ll find something interesting there!

      • Esse

        I’m sure I will ^^ I hope you’ll like the new job better than the ones before ๐Ÿ™‚

        • otomeland

          I like the job, but my boss is really annoying… when he’s in the shop, the mood is terrible! but when it gets bad, at least I can treat myself with nice presents! ๐Ÿ˜€ I plan to buy the Switch port of old games I loved, for example Brothers Conflict, and make a characters ranking next year! I have many ideas, I hope I’ll also have free time enough…

          • Esse

            Well, that doesn’t sound like an ideal situation, but at least you have some perks! ^^ I would love to see your character ranking! But no pressure ๐Ÿ˜€

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