Hello everyone!

I’m back with a “first impression” post, this time about Tokei Jikake no Apocalypse, or TokiApo for short, if you prefer.

The theme is “a story that starts from a bad end”, which is something that looks like my cup of tea; I still remember the hype, when the first trailer was showed, I was so anticipating its release!

But as new CGs were showed, I admit I was starting to worry: if the art looks weird and cheap, are there chances that the story is amazing as I expected it to be?

This situation probably made many fellow players cautious.

But I love wasting my money placing bets on otome games, let’s bring it on!

The heroine, Latchia, is a 18 years old orphan who works at the bakery owned by her adoptive parents; everything seems normal, she leads an happy life, but!

After a boy named Gannet gives her a blue rose, she starts having creepy nightmares about her friends dying or killing her. Long story short, since I don’t want to spoil you, one day a tragedy happens and everyone around her dies.

Gannet gives her a chance to go back in time, to change the events that lead to this “bad ending”.

I’ve played about 5 hours, the common route is over and I’ve just entered Quat’s route; I guess it’s enough for me to write my feelings.

Starting from the plot: the pacing is kinda slow, there are many “daily life” scenes at first, which kinda bored me at some point; I came here for tragedy and that’s what I wanted to play.

When the time loop concept finally starts, I found it really interesting to see how the heroine kept making mistakes, learned it the hard way (literally dying) and had the chance to go back in time once again. Maybe it will become a bit annoying later, but so far I’m glad that she wasn’t able to change the events immediately, on her first try, but she has to try and try again until she gets it right.

Now, to the characters.

Honestly, those guys don’t seem very interesting to me, only Zir is weird enough to get me curious: he obviously knows everything, I’d love to play his route immediately, but I guess it would ruin the fun; I don’t even know if he’s locked, probably he is.

I went for Quat first because blond hair + green eyes looks always amazing, even if the art style pulls me off a bit; so far I’ve seen just a few CGs, nothing was too terrible, but I expect the worst in Rudel’s route. Don’t let me start talking about their awful names, I’d like to meet the person who came up with them.

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed at first and I thought I wasted my money for a while, but I changed my mind and now the story got me, I’m curious to know the truth.

I also want to know how this game can have bad endings, since it’s an eternal time loop everytime something goes wrong; how could it just end? I guess, at some point, Latchia runs out of chances to go back in time for some reason.

I’ll do my best to complete my first route in about a week, so I’ll tell you if my opinion somehow changed. See you soon!