In almost every game, there’s a flirty ikemen who loves being surrounded by girls: his good looks and playful attitude make him very popular, and he obviously keeps flirting with the heroine too.

This is my TOP10 of playboy characters in otome games!

10 Takahira- Yunohana Spring

He always appeared out of nowhere, saying a playful “yahoo!” and trying every time to make the heroine fall for him!

9 Mikado- Trigger kiss

He’s popular with girls for his good looks and nice personality, he’s the typical high school prince.

8 Takumi- Storm Lover

Black nail polish, stylish clothes and mischievous smile. Do you need more?

7 Kaname- Brothers conflict

There’s something mysterious about him: is he a priest of an host?

But he really likes his sister, that’s sure!

6 Nightshade- Goemon

His flirty attitude and carefree personality will make you fall as soon as you meet him!

5 Takao- Otoko Yuukaku

Obviously, a brothel is the best place to meet a womanizer: he truly knows how to make you feel special! But be careful: he’s doing it for money!

4 Ikki- Amnesia

Behind his smile, there’s a lot of sadness: he’s looking for a person who sees behind his appearance and loves his true self.

3 Harada- Hakuouki

Even if he acts like a playboy, he’s actually a romantic person: he just wants to get married to his loved one and have an happy family!

2 Ren- Utapri

Playful and easy going, he loves being surrounded by pretty ladies.

He seems uncaring sometimes, but he can actually be passionate and determined.

1 Laito- Diabolik Lovers

There’s no one who likes girls more than Mr. Pervert!

Who’s your favorite playboy? Do you like this trope?