Please, tell me I’m not the only one who gets really weak, when it comes to butlers or guardians in otome games: when there’s a guy who’s completely devoted to the heroine, ready to sacrifice his life for her, my heart melts down immediately. This trope is probably cheesy, but it works on me.

So, let’s take a look at my favorite characters!

10- Zara, Black wolves saga

Zara is a butler, but also a skilled pharmacist, who takes care of Fiona’s frail health since her childhood. Strict but also gentle, he’s considered part of the family and a dear friend.

9- Hubert, Reine des Fleurs

He’s a Prime Minister and also the closest person to Violette, doting her as a little sister, but also being strict when it comes to his job.

8- Rain, Shiro to kuro no Alice

Always serious and disciplined, he devotes his life to the Queen and protecting the country, despite all the sacrifices he has to make, when necessary.

7- Kasuga, Variable Barricade

A supporting and loyal butler, always caring about Hibari……….. or not? He hides a huge secret.

6- Luca, Arcana Famiglia

He took care of Felicità since her childhood days, as a guardian and a part of the family.

But his feelings for her were never the ones of a butler or brother.

5- ChouRyou, Jyuuzaengi

He was created, as a living doll, just to be a loyal servant.

In the sequel, when he decided on his will to protect Kan’U and he chose her as his mistress, it was his only way to prove his devotion. Seeing him become a human with feelings, was amazing.

4- Yasuomi, Utsusemi no meguri

His only purpose in life is to protect the heroine, without caring about himself and his safety; he’s been in love with her since forever, but he doesn’t dare to confess his feelings.

3- Snow, Shiro to kuro no Alice

Always sweet and caring, his personality makes everyone feel at ease; he’s perfect husbando material.

2- Gekkamaru, Nightshade

He’s Enju’s bodyguard, completely devoted to protecting his master; overprotective, serious and always loyal, his presence is always reassuring even at hardest times.

1- Shinnosuke, Glass heart princess

Shinnosuke is one of my favorite characters ever, his relationship with Kyouko always makes me emotional; he chose to devote his life protecting her since childhood, staying by her side no matter what. I’m madly in love with him.

Do you like the butler/servant/bodyguard trope? Who’s your favorite?