If you prefer your otome games to be pure, without sexy scenes or disturbing themes, this Top10 is for you! Cero B rating is safe for everyone, you don’t need to worry about blood, violence or too suggestive situations.

Here we go!

10- Snow bound land

A fantasy game, based of the fairytale “The snow Queen”.

The heroine Gerda and her friends are cursed after breaking a magic mirror, so they start traveling to find back all the missing pieces. A cute story for those who love adventure and romantic love.

9- Bad Apple wars

A game about death, life and friendship. You may end up crying at some point, you’re warned!

8- Trigger kiss

Join the “Superpower Club” and fight against other schools! This game is mostly about comedy and friendship.

7- Yunohana Spring

A cute slice of life game, where you run a bath-house with your ikemen employees.

You have to deal with customers’ requests, helping them to have nice memories of their trip.

6- Toki no kizuna 

If you’re looking for historical games without too much violence or blood, this series is for you!

But it’s plot heavy, so be warned, you may end up getting bored at some point.

5- Starry Sky

The most famous school game ever, a classic every otome game player should try.

4- Yuukyuu no Tierblade

If you are an Evangelion fan, or just love Gundams, you’ll love this game!

3- Charade Maniacs

A lot of mysteries to solve, it feels more like an adventure game than otome.

Even if I didn’t fell in love with those characters, they were all charming and I loved to unveil their secrets. Absolutely recommended!

2- Glass Heart Princess

Do your best to train your weak heart by dating nice boys, until you’ll be able to experience love without…. well, literally breaking your heart. It’s an old classic everyone should play!

1- Variable Barricade

A great (voiced!) heroine, a lot of comedy gold scenes and beautiful bachelors who are trying to marry you. What else can you ask from an otome game?