TOP10 Characters voiced by Toriumi

Otome games are always blessed with talented voice actors, who bring to life our favorite characters; there are many I appreciate, but Kousuke Toriumi has been one of my favorite for years and will always be special in my heart.

Here’s a list of amazing characters he voiced!

10- Takizawa Saku, Gakuen Club

Very smart and mature for his age, he loves reading and writing.

9- Sanada Yukikage, Shinobi koi utsutsu

A strong and powerful shinobi, who became a reliable teacher.

8- Tsukinohara Kuon, Dynamic chord

The outgoing guitarist and leader of Reve Parfait.

7- Azusa, Brothers Conflict

Always calm and gentle, he supports his twin brother Tsubaki.

6- Saitou Hajime, Hakuouki

Stoic, reserved and loyal until death.

5- SouSou, Jyuuzaengi

Obsessed with the ambition of conquering and become the most powerful, it’s no surprise he has a controlling personality too.

4- Aijima Cecil, Utapri

Our sweet arabian prince, caring and devoted to love and music.

3- Shiki, Period Cube

Apparently a loving brother, he hides a crazy yandere personality.

2- Kagiha, Kokuchou no Psychedelica

Sweet and gentle, ready for any sacrifice to save his friends and loved one.

1- Sakamaki Shuu, Diabolik Lovers

My favorite vampire and also my ultimate husbando; you probably know how much I love him already, there’s no need for me to add more.

Do you love Toriumi like me? what’s your favorite role? There are so many other characters who aren’t included in this list!

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  1. He is one od my favorites too. Also do not forget his side character roles auch as Lawrence in POAH. I really liked him there he was like fairy godfather priest there. Also Rei in CxM, just hearing his voice made my day back then.

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