Back with another TOP10, and this time it’s about genki boys!

Their bright smile is our source of energy and happiness, so they deserve all our love!

10- Tenma – Glass Heart Princess

He’s the energetic health doctor of Kyouko’s school and he also hides an unpredictable secret: he’s in fact a vampire!

9 – Azuma – Trigger Kiss

Powerful and energetic, he’s the captain of the superpower club of his school.

He always fights with passion and does his best to win every challenge!

8 – Chitose – Toki no kizuna

He’s straight-forward and short tempered, but he ends up being really cute when he falls in love.

7 – Chouhi – Jyuuzaengi

He’s always working hard to become stronger and finally getting recognized by KanU as a man, instead of a younger brother. His sacrifices will pay back!

6 – Sud- Yuukyuu noTierblade

I think he has the typical personality of the “main guy” in games with a lot of action scenes: he’s determined, reliable, strong but also kind.

He understands Eve’s struggles and makes her feel protected and loved.

5 – Apollon – Kamigami no Asobi

His sweet smile and gentle attitude make him look like a knight, not only a Greek God.

Even if there were shadows in his past, he tried his best to be the mood maker of the group and he supported the heroine, trying to make her feel at ease.

4 – Heishi – Norn9

I think his positive attitude was a perfect match for Nanami, since he showed her a colorful and warm world she couldn’t see, while trapped in her sadness.

3 – Impey – Code Realize

Sometimes I feel like this poor guy is considered annoying for no other reason than being honest and cheerful. I personally loved his personality and I thank him for making me laugh and feel blessed throughout his routes.

2 – Otoya- Utapri

Despite his sad childhood, he managed to become a sunshine for all the people around him; but he’s also fragile as a flower and he deserves to be loved more than anyone else!

1- Mineo – Collar Malice

Despite the dark scenario and the serious theme of the game, he always managed to make me smile and he kept bringing positive vibes even when the situation was depressing or even tragic.

He’s my sunshine and I hope he gets all the appreciation he deserves!