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TOP10 Otome games Heroines

When we play otome games, we tend to focus more on the boys.

But the true protagonist is the heroine, who often has to suffer a lot before reaching an happy ending; some of these girls have an amazing personality, which deserves to be celebrated!

Here’s my TOP10 Otome games heroines:

10- Aru – Princess Arthur

She was just a simple girl, yet she had to become a fierce queen. The battlefield is not an easy place to be, and the war always brings tragedy, but she accepted her destiny and became stronger.

9- KanU – Jyuuzaengi


She’s one of the strongest in her village.

Don’t underestimate her because she’s a girl, she kicks ass!

8- Haruka – Moshikami

It’s not easy being the heroine of Moshikami, which is probably the most violent and tragic otome game ever.

I pitied her a lot of times for all the pain she went through, even as a child, but she never gave up and fought to reach happiness.

7- Jed – Haitaka no psychedelica

She’s been forced to hide her gender and true identity, but she was always strong despite the pain and tragedy.

6- Nadeshiko- Clock Zero

The traumatic events which happened to her at such a young age obviously made her confused and scared, but she kept fighting and trying to solve the situation. She was determined and always tried to take action, even if she had to make difficult decisions.

5- Ichika – Collar Malice

If being involved in criminal cases wasn’t enough for a young girl, she also had a collar around her neck, reminding her she could die any moment; but instead of being scared, she kept going on to find the truth.

4- Enju- Nightshade

Despite the tragedy of her story, she never gave up to her fate and kept struggling to defend her life.

3- Futaba- Trigger Kiss

Her witty attitude and cynical answers were so funny, she really knew how to stand up for herself. And she was also a great fighter!

2- Cardia- Code Realize

She had the best character development I’ve ever seen: at first she was just an emotionless doll, but then she learned how to love herself and the others; she opened up, and learned the value of friendship; she suffered a lot, but she could forgive. An amazing person, a strong personality, for a bittersweet story that reminds us how we all deserve to be loved.

1- Cyrus- Steam Prison

She always fights to defend her beliefs, even if she’s putting her life on the line; she was positive even in the worst situations and she always tried to survive on her own, without relying on someone’s help. Her fate was terrible, but she never cried or asked to be saved, she took action even if everyone was against her. She’s a great example of determination, honesty and mental strenght.

Who’s your favorite heroine?


I reached number 100!!


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  1. Mahlenneth

    Steam Prison didn’t seem to me a good game at first but everyone I know says good things about this game.
    My fav heroine so far is Kyouko from Glass Heart Princess xD

    • otomeland

      Steam Prison is dark and plot driven, it’s perfect for players who enjoyed Black Wolves Saga or the Psychedelica series (like me).
      It doesn’t lack otome stuff anyway, but it’s more focused on the tragedy occurred to the heroine’s family and the consequences. I highly suggest everyone to try it!

      And yes, Kyouko is a cute heroine too, even if the maid was my favorite girl in GHP, she was comedy gold every time! 😀

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