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TOP10 otome games I’d like to live in

When I play otome games, I usually don’t self insert: I just love watching the story progress and the heroine being happy with her boyfriend.

But I can’t deny I’d love to be in her place sometimes, surrounded by good looking ikemen who love me for no reasons. Here’s my TOP10 otome games I’d like to live in!

10- Kamigami no Asobi

I’d love to meet and fall in love with gods from various countries, I’ve always been a mithology geek!

9- Uta no prince sama

Becoming friends (and lovers) with famous idols is everyone’s dream, I’m sure we’ve all been through a boyband phase.

8- Tlicolity Eyes

Making guys sparkle is a great skill, it would be embarrasing in real life but I’d gladly give it a try.

7- Klap! Kind Love and punish

Being a teacher who scolds and punishes demons must be a fulfilling job.

6- Storm Lover

These games are basically the school days I wish I had when I was a teen.

5- Otoko Yuukaku

Manwhores trying to seduce me, this is not bad at all.

4- Glass Heart Princess

Kyouko has some kind of heart disease, which is obviously not nice, but dating ikemen as a cure doesn’t seem so bad after all. Also, she’s a beautiful ojou sama. Shinnosuke is her butler, which is absolutely enough for me to desire being her!

3- Cupid Parasite

Being Cupid must be a lot of fun, trying to create couples and watch people fall in love is cool.

2- Reine des Fleurs

Being a beautiful queen, surrounded by ikemen servants is a dream coming true.

1- Brothers Conflict

I know I’m weak to oniichan characters, but… Ema basically lives in a male harem, she can choose any ikemen she wants! This is paradise!

If you could live in a game, which one would you choose?


Possession Magenta first impression


Possession Magenta


  1. Mahlenneth

    UtaPri for sure!
    Cecil is so precious. I’d love to live in a world with him in.
    Reine des Fleurs seems nice too. And Klap!
    Punishing demons must be a fulfilling job indeed.

  2. TSS

    Reine des Fleurs is still on my To Play List 😩

  3. otomeland

    When you’ll get to play it, please tell me if you enjoyed it like I did!

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