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TOP10 Otome games Opening Songs

We all have our favorite songs, that we love for various reasons: sometimes they bring back good memories and sometimes they help us to feel better in difficult moments.

These are the otome game opening songs I prefer!

10- Yunohana Spring: READY GO!!

Happy and cheerful, just like the game!

KENN’s voice suits perfectly this kind of melody and theme, I’d gladly be his princess!

9- Storm Lover Kai: selfish toxic

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of a perfect high school life and romance? Sadly, reality was way different for most of us… but we can still dream, right? This song makes me want to start my life all over and try to be an outgoing high school student who enjoys her teen days!

8- Oz Mafia!!: I love you more

An english song for a otome game? At first it seems weird, but it fits the atmosphere so well, and it’s so catchy and bright, I can’t help but love it and listen to it every time I feel a bit down.

7- Moshikami: Hourglass

Even if this was one of the creepiest otoge ever, this song never fails to give me hope: Midorikawa’s and Toriumi’s voices blend perfectly to sum up the mood of the game, and they transmit a sense of relieve and sadness at the same time.

I wish this game was less bloody and more soothing, as its opening song.

6- Brothers conflict Passion Pink: Affections

Iit was my first otome game and I used this song to learn my first kanji, back in the days when I even struggled to read hiragana. I remember listening to it for the first time, without even understanding a single world, so it makes me excited and nostalgic every time I listen to it now.

5- 7’scarlet: World End Syndrome

I loved this game so much, I can even consider it one of my favorite otoge ever.

Listening to this song brings back all the emotions I felt wile playing and never fails to make me emotional; an amazing song for a great game.

4- Dynamic chord Reve Parfait: Judgement

Despite my problems with this series, I admit I enjoy most of the band’s songs.

Kyohso usually fits my taste the most, but Reve Parfait’s Judgement is my favorite songs overall: it’s catchy and dramatic at the same time, I could listen to it forever.

3- Nightshade: Gekka no uta wa kage yori mo kuroku

This song fits perfectly the theme of the game, it makes me want to extract my sword and fight against a cruel fate with the main characters.

2- Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal: Mayonaka no kyouen (MIDNIGHT PLEASURE)

Let’s face it, even people who hate this series should admit that there are some great and memorable songs. I’ve endlessly replayed this opening for years and I can’t get tired of it, because it always brings me back to the mood of playing again these games.

1- Black wolves saga Bloody Nightmare: Dear Despair

The sad violin in this song makes you feel immersed in the atmosphere of this dark and cruel game: I can feel Fiona’s heart breaking, while she’s desperately searching for happiness. And I can suddenly feel a tear in my eyes.

What’s your favorite otome game opening song?


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  1. Mahlenneth

    Judgement and DiaLov’s songs are my favs.
    I love DiaLov’s songs. They’re dark and fit very well the theme.
    I didn’t play DC yet but I heard most of their singles and I liked the songs a lot.
    My fav song from BWS is Oath.

    • otomeland

      Dialovers songs are great, Iwasaki is a troll but he’s really talented, he knows how to do his job! honestly, I would put at least 2/3 other songs in this top10. I loved More Blood opening and Dark Fate’s also was great. But it would end up being too full of Dialovers, so I just chose one!
      DC chord is not a game for you, trust me! XD

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