Let’s face it: we are mostly playing otome games to satisfy our thirst for ikemen, that’s a fact.

But if the plot is well written and we feel involved and moved, it’s even better.

So here’s a list of the most interesting plots of otome games I’ve played so far!

10- Taisho Alice

This game seems just funny at first, nothing special, but as you play you realize how deep the plot is, until the truth hits you hard. A great psychological game!

9- Nil Admirari no tenbin

As a person who loves reading, cursed books which contain the writer’s feelings are very intriguing to me; even if they are dangerous, I wish I was able to convey my emotions in writing too. But only positive of course, I don’t want to kill anyone!

8- Piofiore no Banshou

Somehow, Italian mafia is always fascinating in fiction, even if it comes with blood and violence.

7- Nightshade

Do you think historical games are predictable, because you know how it’s going to end without playing? Nightshade will make you change your mind!

6- 7’scarlet

At first I thought it was a mystery game, and I love that genre. Then he became some kind of horror… but when I knew the truth about a character, it was an epic moment! This game is actually deeper than it seems.

5- Haitaka no Psychedelica

The heroine disguises herself as a boy, to hide her secret which could get her killed.

Among suffering, she discovers the truth about her past.

4- Steam Prison

If this was an anime or a book, I’d probably watch/read it in just one day, to know the truth about the heroine’s parents. Who killed them? Who tried to blame the heroine and why?

3- Kokuchou no psychedelica

If you think the “I’ve lost my memory” theme is clichè and you can’t empathize with amnesiac characters anymore, try to play this without crying, as the truth unveils!

2- Collar Malice

Being a fan of crime series and mystery in general, I fell in love immediately with Collar Malice: who is the mastermind behind “X- Day incidents”? Why are they targeting the heroine, putting a collar on her neck?

1- Black Wolves Saga

This story is great, good enough to become a book: I’d read through it and cry out of despair, even if I wouldn’t able to see Mejojo’s beautiful face on a screen.

The plot, the characters, the setting… it feels like a tragedy, instead of an otome game.

What’s the most interesting otome game you’ve ever played?

Which kind of plot do you find fascinating?