There are usually 2 types of teachers in otome games: the ones who flirt with students, pretending the police won’t come for them, and those who feel guilty when they fall in love and try to suppress their feelings.

Let’s take a look at some of them!

10- Nami (Re:Birthday song)

He’s in charge of the problematic students in the Netherworld, but he always seems lazy and uncaring. Be careful of his hidden yandere personality!

9- Yoimiya (Ouma ga toki)

Soft and kind with his students, he hides a dramatic secret regarding his sister’s death which haunts him with feelings of guilt and regret.

8- Sanada Yukikage (Shinobi Koi Utsutsu)

He’s very protective towards the heroine because he knew her since she was a child, so he somehow managed to hide his feelings until she graduates.

7- Fuji Reito (Gekka ryouran romance)

He’s the popular school doctor, always kind and loved by everyone.

He enjoys flirting with female students, who fall in love immediately.

6- Izumo Shion (Klap)

He’s a disciplinary teacher, but also the God of Poverty.

He has a lot of sadistic moments, when he obviously enjoys whipping his students who lose control of their powers; but he also needs to be punished sometimes!

5- Thoth Caduceus (Kamigami no asobi)

Despite being a strict teacher, he has no problems flirting with the heroine in the school library, making her uncomfortable and confused. He knows what he wants and shows no hesitations!

4- Sugai Tsukasa (Storm Lover)

Elegant and serious, he’s an old fashioned man who enjoys the tea ceremony.

He’s really popular among his students, because he’s always nice and helpful in any subject.

3- Shido Kaname (Bad Medicine)

An english teacher obsessed with order and perfection.

His idea of discipline is very peculiar: he will lock you in a special room, flipping his whip at you until you learn how to respect the school rules properly.

He always wears gloves because he hates touching directly anyone and anything.

2- Asahina Tenma (Glass hear princess)

Always happy and positive, he’s really popular with the students.

He’s apparently very transparent, but… he hides an amazing secret!

1-Nagihara Taiki (Bad Medicine)

A math teacher, paranoid and obsessed with perfect scores: if you can’t get a 100/100, be prepared for the worse because he’ll make you go crazy; since he doesn’t care about other people’s emotions, he’ll start insulting you for being a failure and he’ll immediately lose interest in you. Are you ready?

What’s your favorite kind of teacher?