TOP10 otome games shocking moments!

This post will be full of spoilers, so BEWARE!!!!! if you haven’t played those games, you’d better be careful or go away!! unless you love spoilers, then you’ll probably enjoy reading this a lot.
It’s your choice!

I’ve been wanting to write about my favorite shocking moments in otoge for a long time, but I’ve always wondered if someone would actually read this, instead of running away screaming.
If you’re brave enough, or you’ve played so many games that nothing comes as a spoiler for you, let’s start!

10- Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen: Rei reveals he has a double personality

Since Rei was always so calm and elegant, when I got closer to him and I saw his dark side, I thought he just pretended to be a perfect prince at school, to hide his awful true personality.
It wasn’t that easy. Negative thoughts and feelings piled up in his fragile mind, until he developed a second personality, which was dangerous and creepy.

9- Psychedelica of the Black butterfly: Kagiha’s death in real life

Raise your hands if you haven’t cried when you saw that flashback, showing those children crying for the death of their friend. It was heartbreaking.

8- Taisho Alice: the moment you realize that it’s not a cute fairytale otome game

As you play and realize the truth, the whole story is shocking, I can’t choose a specific moment.
Shirayuki living with his mother’s corpse and Gretel almost killing people would be creepy enough, but (real life) Alice’s suicide attempt is serious business.

7- ChouChou Jiken: Elena’s parents were stabbed and crucified on the wall in front of her eyes when she was 5

Riitomo has some kind of mental disease, which causes him to lack any kind of emotion and empathy, he doesn’t understand what sadness or happiness mean. That’s why that bloody scene doesn’t scare him at all. But when Elena screams, Riitomo for the first time in his life realizes how despair feels, so he starts to consider her a God. Well, I’ve never felt so scared by a character in my life.

6- Dynamic Chord Liars: Seri rapes the heroine for literally no reason other than “you were the only one who never payed attention to me and I can’t take it”

I hoped until the very last moment that something would happen to stop him, so he could regret his actions and become a decent human being before it was too late, but….. he did it, so I can’t forgive him.

5- Black wolves saga: Nesso’s head falls on the ground after he’s been decapitated.

That scene was iconic, something I’d never thought I could see in a otome game.
My heart broke in a million pieces.

4- 7’Scarlet, Toa reveals to be an undead.

Some of my friends told me they were expecting this, it was kinda obvious, but I admit I was clueless and this revelation was so shocking I was literally screaming inside and I had to pause the game for a couple minutes to calm down my feelings.

3- Fiona gets tortured by Auger and Mejojo

I still remember myself staring at the screen in shock while thinking: “is this a real otome game? Are the love interests really punishing the heroine so harshly?! How can she fall in love with them later?” That scene was really memorable.

2- Diabolik Lovers, Laito sucking Yui’s blood in the church

That scene was iconic, I bet everyone who watched the anime still remembers it even if they’ve never played the games. It was basically blasphemy and I pitied a lot the poor Yui, who was scared and ashamed of being abused in front of her God.

1- Moshikami, young Masato raping 9 year old heroine

Well, there’s nothing more I can say about it; this game had a lot of shocking moments, I should write a top10 dedicated to it honestly, but that flashback was obviously the most disgusting.

If you managed to reach this far, what’s your favorite shocking moment?

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