Have you ever played a game, thinking: “it deserves a fandisk so bad!! it can’t end like this, I need more!!” but then your hopes got crashed and after years, there’s still no fandisk in sight?
I bet you had, it happens even too often. Here’s my list!

10- Binary Star

I loved the contrast between the sparkly art/comic interactions and the dark theme.
These characters had such a great potential, I think they needed a relaxed FD dedicated to funny moments!

9- Brothers Conflict

The game system was so painful, it was difficult to enjoy all the romance; I also needed to raise the status by going to multiple dates, but in the end it felt more like a chore to reach the happy ending.
I wish I could have fun with those boys without worrying about scenes to unlock!

8- Gekka Ryouran Romance

Nazuna is such a sweet, diligent girl, I felt anxious for her, when she entered that creepy school; she was able to adapt and live happily, but some of her endings were absolutely awful, I’d need a fandisk to see what happened later, to find out if she survived or regretted her life choice.

7- Hana Oboro

Historical games are always full of wars and pain, I’d love to see Ichi happily married, living peacefully.

6- Moshikami

I want to see Haruka being happy, that girl deserves all the happiness in this world, she has been through hell since childhood! I need a fandisk full of cute moments.

5- Re:Viced

I appreciated this game mostly for the comedy, since I ended up kinda bored when it tried to be serious; I’d gladly play a fandisk based only on their interactions, it would be funny for sure!

4- Trigger Kiss

This game lacked romance a lot, if felt more like a friendship/sport/supernatural game; Futaba was a great heroine, I’d love to see her happily dating or getting married!

3- Steam Prison

This game is really deep and dark, Cyrus is a strong heroine who went through many hardships to save her life, while finding love; I’d like to see her live happily, without having to defend herself with a sword to survive.

2- Snow Bound Land

Most of the game described the journey to get rid of their curse, leaving just a little space for romanticism; I wish I could date those boys in the relaxed environment of their village.

1- Variable Barricade

Hibari is a great heroine, I’d love to see more interactions with her chosen boyfriend: she’s such a tsundere, and those guys are so weird in their own special ways, that it would be extremely cute but maybe kinda embarrassing at the same time!

Which fandisk would you love the most?