Since I plan to make a ranking of every popular eyes’ color in otome games, here’s my TOP10 red eyes!

10- Saizou- Kurenai no Homura Sanada Ninpou Chou

Strong and confident, he thinks every woman loves him.

9- Madoka- Blackish House

He loves playing around with girls and having any kind of scandal, but he’s still very popular.

8- Hino- 7’scarlet

A sweet and caring friend, you can always rely on him.

7- Kino- Diabolik Lovers

Smart and dangerous, be careful around him: even if he seems nice, he’s probably planning something bad!

6- Adage- Steam Prison

Despite his cold and blunt attitude, which can be difficult to handle sometimes, he’s a respected doctor who is great at taking care of others.

5- Tenma- Glass Heart Princess

He’s the infirmary doctor of the school, always gentle and positive.

But he actually hides a huge secret!

4- Otoya- Uta no prince sama

Bright and positive, he’s the boyfriend who never lets you down.

3- Akazukin- Taisho Alice

Awkward, embarrassing and absolutely adorable.

2- Snow- Shiro to kuro no Alice

You know how butlers make me weak, he’s a really sweet and devoted guy.

1- Subaru- Diabolik Lovers

The one and only tsundere of the Diabolik Lovers series.

He gets angry easily, but he’s also sweet and romantic.

Or at least, he’s probably the best boyfriend a vampire could be!