It’s time to celebrate a trope I personally love, but some people really hate: oniichan in otome games! Their obsession can be disturbing, I understand why someone could be disgusted by a brother loving romantically his little sister; but we all have different tastes, so if you like them as I do… here’s my TOP10!

10- Hanate- 7’scarlet

The protagonist’s brother, who mysteriously disappeared. He always protected Ichiko since his childhood days.

9- Soshi- Charming Empire

A grumpy oniichan, who acts rude most of the time, pretending he doesn’t care at all about his sister.

It takes a lot of effort for him to reveal his feelings.

8- Shin- Shiratsuyu no kai

Even if they aren’t related by blood, he’s a brother figure and a guardian for the heroine.

Despite being rude sometimes, he always took care of her… until he reached his limit.

When he couldn’t stop his feelings anymore, he became a creepy yandere, forcing himself on his sister without caring about her.

7- Nobunaga- Hana Oboro

Strong and ambitious, he’s ready to destroy villages and kill everyone who he stands on his way.

But when it comes to his sister, he’s just an overprotective older brother…….. with yandere tendencies. You’d better be careful around him.

6- Masato- Moshikami

You can love him or hate him, but you can’t deny how memorable his actions are: everything he does is so sick and crazy, you won’t ever forget about him.

If you play Moshikami, he’ll get stuck in your mind forever.

5- Ryoushi – Taisho Alice

He tries to appear cool and distant, without showing his true feelings, but he secretly cares a lot about his sister Yurika; he tries his best to please her and help her when she’s in trouble, even if his pride doesn’t allow him to show his weakness.

4- Wabisuke- Gekka ryouran romance

His desire to protect his sister from the dangerous boys around her made him obsessed, until he crossed the line and chained her in the basement of the school. For her whole life.

3- Shiki- Period Cube

He went as far as creating a virtual word, just to fulfill his desire to be with his sister.

A lovely brother, isn’t he?

2- Lindo- Dance with Devils

He technically isn’t her brother, but her cousin… which is even creepier somehow, since they are blood related. But how can we judge him? His feeling are strong and pure, he’s ready to sacrifice his life for her!

1- Nesso- Black Wolves saga

Nesso will always be the best oniichan ever: he has been in love with Fiona since childhood and he’s not afraid to show his feelings for her; he doesn’t care if he seems desperate or embarrassing even in front of their father. He’s her knight, always beside her, to protect her life.

Do you like this trope?