I know I decided to take a little break from blogging, but….. in the end, it hurts me to see this place abandoned, I love too much writing reviews and sharing opinions!

Some of my friends are interested in Trigger kiss, but never got to play it; mostly, because it was one of the first psvita otome games, and not everyone got it on release date. (I’m one of them, because I only bought it a few months ago).

I won’t write a detailed review, since I haven’t take notes while playing, but at least I want to share my overall thoughts.

This games has good points, but also bad ones; obviously, your opinion will change depending on your personal tastes, but for me it was “a nice game, which could have been a lot better”.

The positive sides are:

  • An amazing heroine.

    Futaba alone saves this game, seriously; her reactions are priceless, she’s finally an heroine we can easily identify with! She’s strong, funny, and her attitude towards the boys is really rare to find in the otoge world.

  • Comedy gold scenes.

    I wasn’t expecting less from the Glass heart princess team, they know how to make funny games and interesting characters.

  • The art is beautiful.

    No need to explain this, just look at those colorful CGs! I’m personally a huge fan of this style, it fits the theme and the overall atmosphere of the game.

  • You can actually put the touch screen at good use, and kiss with your lips! I know I’m not the only one who did it, don’t be ashamed….

  • I liked all the characters, none of them was boring or useless. That’s pretty rare for me!

The negative sides are:

  • The battle scenes are too long.

    I won’t lie, I was almost falling asleep sometimes. But maybe it’s just me, I’m not interested in action games and reading the descriptions of every little thing that happened bored me a lot, I wasn’t paying attention at all after a while.

  • The lack of romance.

    This game is more about action, comedy and friendship.

    Obviously, the main characters fall in love in the end, but you can’t always feel a true relationship development, until they kiss in the very end.

  • The choices.

    Instead of choosing an “answer”, you choose Futaba’s “mood”.

    It could be an interesting change, but…. I didn’t feel like I was actively doing anything to change the story.

  • No bad endings.

    For someone it can be a relief, but for me it was disappointing; maybe it’s because I love bad endings and tragic stuff, but playing an otoge without being able to change the endings in any way makes me feel kind of useless as a player.

Someone complained about this game being too short, and it probably is, but I don’t see it as a negative point; I’m also happy that two side characters got a short route: maybe they deserved a long one too, but it’s still better than nothing.

I’d love to play a FD, because I think it could be a huge improvement: without annoying battles, the focus would finally be on romantic scenes or other funny moments, and it would be a great game!

Yamato is the one who deserves new scenes the most, it would be so good to see him embarrassed in romantic situations, he’s so cute when he blushes and I haven’t seen enough this side of him.

My favorite route was Mikado’s anyway, since he had a better character development and his relationship with Futaba was nice, because we could see their love growing naturally and not just randomly be shown in the end.

I don’t know if I’d recommend it, I think it just depends on the player: if you play games more for the comedy, or you are interested in actions themes, this is really good for you; but if you look for deeper plots or more romance, you are probably going to find this a bit boring.

It’s up to you!