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What’s in my backlog?

We always talk about our “neverending backlogs”, it’s a very common joke in our community; but are your unplayed games so many, that you can’t even count them?

Well, I’ve decided to take a look at my stuff, just to feel guilty and see what’s actually there.

This could also be interesting, for everyone who has ever asked me: “did you buy XY?” or “do you plan to play XX?”, since I guarantee that, sooner or later, I’ll be able to complete it all; I hate wasting money, so it’s just a matter of time, even for very old games.

Let’s start!

My Switch otome games:

  • Piofiore no banshou 1926

  • Dairoku Ayakashimori

  • Toraware no Palm

  • Cendrillon Phalika

  • Jakou no Lyla

Since I bought my Switch Lite at the beginning of 2020, I still don’t have many unplayed games; also, since they are really expensive, I’ll be careful with my choices.

My PsVita otome games:

  • Code Realize Shirogane no kiseki

  • Root rexx

  • Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou

  • Possession Magenta

  • Hyakka Yakou

  • Believer!

  • Amnesia World

This list is going to increase, even if this console is basically dead, because there are many games I still have to buy since the prices are dropping; I’ll probably get some of them one day: Hakuouki School Life, Suuran Digit… not great stuff probably, but I can’t say no to cheap games. Maybe I’ll find hidden gems.

My PC Otome games:

  • Un:birthday Song

  • Kannagi no mori

  • Dot Kareshi I

  • Ken ga kimi (which I have partially played, but not completed)

As you probably know, I don’t like that much playing on PC; slowly but surely, I’ll get through those games too.

My PSP Otome games:

  • Urakata Hakuouki

  • Jyuuzaengi 2

  • Utapri After Secret

  • Arcana Famiglia 2

  • Unending Bloody Call

  • Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku

Yes, from time to time I still use my old friend PSP! Obviously, it’s getting more and more difficult since my eyes are getting used to the Switch high resolution, but I won’t give up until I cleared it all! When games are cheap, you can always count me in.

So, what do you think about my backlog? Did you think it was even worse? Or slightly better?

I guess you’re probably surprised that I’m still buying and playing old stuff, but Switch games are too expensive, for the same price I could literally buy 4 PsVita/PSP games and I can’t afford getting (almost) every new release immediately, as I used to in the past.

Of course, I’ll keep buying the games which interest me the most, but for the others I’ll probably wait a few months for reviews or a price drop. As a person who plays a lot, I need to make smart choices. Games I neglected in the past, which are ridiculously cheap now, could still end up being entertaining!


Tlicolity Eyes 3


Cupid Parasite


  1. Mahlenneth

    Mine is far worse.
    Since I didn’t have time to play games next year and this year, my backlog is a chaos right now.
    You know I don’t own a Switch, so my backlog is most PC games and old Vita games.

    • otomeland

      I thought I had a huge backlog, but many people are telling me that mine is actually kinda small, my feeling of guilt is finally disappearing 😀

  2. Retsuya

    Amazingly mine’s not too bad given I am very strict with what I buy and I play multiple games at the same time, so I have little to no backlog. Of course, I am still waiting for some prices to drop and for my schedule to let up before I get some more.

    • otomeland

      You have a great self control, I wish I were like you! Sadly, I barely control myself with new releases, when I see cheap games it’s hard for me to stop! 😀

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