Hello everyone!

Last year, I wrote my first kpop awards ever, starting a new end of the year tradition for this blog; well, actually I’ve been doing the same for otome games in the past, but since I’m still on hiatus for that hobby, I’ve decided to write my opinions about my favorite kpop releases of the year again!

If you’re not into kpop, but you’re still interested in music in general, give these a chance and you might be surprised! Since I started listening to kpop again, I was able to drag 2 of my friends into this mess with be, so be careful: these songs are addictive and these boys are extremely good looking, so if you dare to watch their MV, you may descend to hell as well.

You’ve been warned!

BEST B-SIDE: NCT DREAM- Broken Melodies

I loved this song immediately, in my opinion this is good enough to be a title track; I’m glad they decided to promote it as a prerelease, it would have been such a waste, as a track listened only by fans! Their vocals are insane, when I watched the Dreamies recording this song I truly admired their dedication and efforts to hit such high notes; Renjun voice is my favorite here, but they were all amazing.

MV OF THE YEAR: TXT- Sugar Rush Ride

Even if I’m not a huge fan of this song, the video itself is absolutely stunning: it looks like a fairytale, but also a nightmare at the same time; it takes you on a wild trip, with sexy random moments and unexpected twists. I can’t take my eyes off the screen every time I watch it.


When it comes to delivering a powerful performance, Ateez is always the first group that comes in my mind. Halazia is breathtaking. It’s so dramatic, I can feel all their emotions and it gives me such an overwhelming feeling every time; this is not “powerful” only as “strong, impactful”, it also touches the audience deeply.


I have a lot to say about this topic, but I’ll just keep it short as much as I can.

I’ve watched Boys Planet since the very beginning, when the first video came out, so I’m emotionally attached to the show and the boys, even the ones who didn’t make it to the final lineup.

My expectation for their debut were huge, since I know their skills pretty well.

When In Bloom was released, I was really disappointed: I felt like they could show much more, with a concept that could suit the image of the group better.

Crush is more my stile, their performace are amazing as usual, so I feel like Wakeone is finally on the right path. But I admit it openly: if I didn’t care about them from Boys Planet and I had to choose my favorite rookie of the year based on their songs, stage presence and variety skills, my choice would be different.

I’d choose Boynextdoor anyday.

Their songs are catchy, those boys have a lot of talent and charisma, but they also seem very humble and entertaining, while watching their shows. I’m sure they will keep growing their fanbase really fast, they deserve it!

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: NCT2023- Golden Age

I absolutely love every song, since there’s a good mix of genres and different vibes: Baggy Jeans is catchy, Kangaroo is cute, The Bat is sexy; That’s not fair is also amazing, I’ve been listening to it even more than the title track probably, I wish there was a video too. This albums shows perfectly the different charms of every member and their versatility, which is probably the main point of having 20 people in the same group.


The funny thing is, I’m not even a huge Engene! I know their songs, I’ve watched I-land, but I’m not emotionally attached to this group; but when a song is that good, it speaks for itself.

I fell in love since I’ve heard a few seconds of it, even before the official release; I realized immediately, it was going to be a huge candidate to be my favorite song of 2023. And I wasn’t wrong, as months passed by, I never got tired to listen to it.

Many amazing songs were released this year, Seventeen’s Super was also great and I thought for a long time, to give it my personal award.

But in the end, Bite Me won over my heart completely.


Choosing them as a full group, instead of just picking my favorite sub unit, it’s probably cheating; but I don’t care, it comes from my heart!

Golden Age was my favorite album this year and I absolutely love the chemistry they have reached now, despite them being 20; they are different in many ways, every sub unit has its own charm, but when they gather together on stage, like at NCT NATION, you can feel the impressive power which comes from the full group. I miss Lucas and I wish him luck; I miss Shotaro and Sungchan, but I’m sure they’ll find their own path in Riize.

Next year the Japanese unit will be added, so the whole picture will change once more.

I’ll warmly welcome those 6 boys too, but in my heart, NCT2023 won’t be replaced.

Well, 2023 was overall a great year: there were many amazing comebacks, but also debuts which will probably make a huge impact in the industry. I’m sure 2024 is going to be epic too!