Hello everyone, how are you? Are you mentally preparing for Christmas?

In Italy every shop has a Christmas tree already, which souldn’t be surprise, but still it feels kinda early to me; shopping centers have amazing decorations, it looks like a completely different place and I can’t complain, it looks beautiful.

I honestly don’t care very much about Christmas, I probably stopped being excited when I started working and my holidays were not as long as in my school days, when I always stayed home for like 3 weeks; those were really days worth celebrating!

Until last year, while working in a retail store, December was hell for me: no time to rest, no days off, a huge crowd at every hour… what a nightmare!

This year is completely different since I’m unemployed, but I also don’t feel in the mood to meet my relatives who always repeat on loop the same questions; I guess you all imagine easily what I’m talking about.

When I was in college, they all asked me when I was going to graduate and get a job; when I moved with my boyfriend, everyone’s main concern seemed to be when I was going to get married; then, it evolved in the question I’ve always hated the most: “when are you having kids?”.

I don’t know if people are just genuinely curious, or if they enjoy putting pressure on younger relatives; just leave me alone and live your own life! We all have different timing and goals, they should worry about my well being, instead of making me anxious.

I’m sure many people understand pretty well, how annoying those family meetings are.

There’s still a whole month ahead, so let’s talk about something nicer.

Have you noticed, how my blog changed recently?

If you’re reading this on mobile it probably looks the same, but if you actually open my blog on PC or tablet, you’ll find it completely different.

In January, when I decided to give a new life to this blog, I was determined to leave the header and the main theme as it used to be, since most of the post here are about otome games; I can’t say it was a bad idea, but I wasn’t sure that it was going to work in the long term.

Honestly, I think at this point I needed something new, a breath of fresh air.

Of course, it doesn’t mean I erased old posts, it took me years to write that many and I’m still very proud of what I accomplished, but I don’t think it makes sense to keep its appearence as an otome blog either; there are plenty of otome games reviewers now, way better than me.

So, what’s the point of pretending nothing changed?

I want this blog to look more like myself. The “me” as she is now, not the “me” I used to be from 2013 to 2022. It doesn’t mean I’m a completely different person, obviously: if you talk to me on twitter, I’m still the same; but posting in an otome themed blog after spending almost 2 years without playing any single route, felt like some kind of a joke.

There’s no point in being too attached to the past, let’s embrace changes!

When I chose this new style, I was looking for something simple, which would give me a sense of inner peace: black and white, but also colorful flowers. Do you like it?

Don’t worry, if you are still here for my otome reviews, in the bottom right there’s still my review list, where you can find everything you’re looking for.

For everything else, like TOP10 or drama cd, there’s a tag search, you should be able easily to navigate though the blog anyway.

I understand how it gets a bit more difficult, for readers who always come here just for otome stuff, to find immediately what you are looking for; but it makes me feel better, as if I took a huge step towards accepting the new me and changing.

If you still will come here, thank you; if not, thank you for coming these past years, it truly meant a lot to me!