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I’m back everyone!

Well, not as an otome blogger (for now), but at least I’m here writing after a couple months.

A lot of stuff happened in my life recently: the most important event, is that I decided to quit my awful job, which honestly has been ruining my mental health for 4 years.

Now I’m trying to recover before I make a new start somewhere else, since I don’t feel ready to find a new workplace yet; I don’t want to push myself too hard, I swear I was almost having a burnout not too long ago. If you’ve known me for a long time, you probably get how hard it was for me.

Recently I’ve been enjoying a few new hobbies: reading and bullet journaling have always been some of my favorites, but now I’m also studying Korean hard.

I guess you already know how much I love learning languages, I even tried Finnish and German years ago and I’ve always wanted to learn as many as possible if I had enough time.

Well, now I’m free, so Korean was my first choice!

I’m almost done with my second grammar book, which should be enough to give me at least the basics; I’m obviously very, VERY far from being decent, it’s a long process which makes me excited every day. What are you up too, lately?

I’ve seen the new otome games which were shown at the last Otopa and I admit some of them got my interest… maybe I’m almost ready to get back to gaming? I’m not sure, I change my mind easily, but since I finally have free time there’s no excuse.

Actually, I don’t know if someone remembers that I’m still stuck on the last Cendrillon Phalika’s route; it’s been more than a year.

I’m kinda moody lately, I wasn’t used to have time for myself since that job sucked all my energy and will to live everyday; this freedom is such a blessing!

Now, I wake up everyday with new ideas and goals; I may even get back to blogging regularly, even if I still won’t post about otome stuff for a while, probably.

If I write about my life, my hobbies and my progress with learning Korean, will someone be interested? I don’t think so, but if I’m in good mood and share my feelings, maybe it will be enjoyable for someone anyway. What if I set at least 3 posts every week as a goal? I used to do even better in the past, it’s not impossible at all. I hope someone will give me any kind of feedback, since it kinda feels new compared to the past.

I know I announced a new start like an year ago and then I disappeared almost completely, but this time I want to keep up for real and be more constant. Let’s see what I can do!


A nostalgic post, since I miss the old times


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  1. Mahlenneth

    I’m glad you quit >< I remember you saying how badly your boss was to you. It's good to take some time to relax, heal ๐Ÿ™‚
    I saw Otomate's announcements and some otoges seemed interesting. I won't play but I read reviews ๐Ÿ™‚
    Actually, I haven't been playing otome. I started Bustafellows some months ago but I haven't finished.
    Korean is really interesting ๐Ÿ˜€ I want to learn a bit too. I'm studying Japanese a bit, just to remember some words and kanjis. Next year I'm planning of focus hard on Italian.
    I miss talking to you ^^'

  2. otomeland

    Hello my friend, how are you?? I missed you too! ^^
    I haven’t been very active on twitter since I stopped playing otome, but now I finally have some free time and I’d like to be more present again, both here and on twitter too.
    If you need any help with Italian, ask me anytime!
    I’m learning Korean because I’ve been listening to kpop a lot since last year, having enough time to actually study seems like heaven! I feel like Japanese was easier, but I’ve barely started, so it’s still to early to tell.
    I hope to see you around more often! ^^

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