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A nostalgic post, since I miss the old times

Hello everyone!

Well, I guess no one reads my blog anymore and I can’t blame you at all, since I haven’t kept my promise to update at least once a month; but if you are an old time reader and you are here by chance, thank you!

I’ve been on holiday for a week recently, so I had time to relax, have some fun and meet my friends who sometime think I disappeared from this world since my job completely takes over my life.

One conversation in particular reminded me how much of a terrible blogger I am, so it encouraged me to write at least a few lines: a friend introduced his new girlfriend and while we were talking about traveling, she was excited about a trip to Japan which is her dream.

And that’s how my friend started talking about my interest in Japan, anime and otome games; he even explained to her what the genre is and how I used to learn the language by myself, looking up for kanji on my dictionary, literally 10 years ago! I can’t believe my friend still remembers about those times, I guess my determination to break the language barrier kinda impressed him and it makes me really proud of my past self; actually, it also makes me sad, since I miss those times and sometimes I wonder what could have happened if I was still part of the community.

I was aware that I would have lost my otome friends if I suddenly stopped playing and blogging, but I was tired to force myself to enjoy an hobby I wasn’t loving so much anymore.

Still, it breaks my heart when I check twitter and my TL is empty; I guess many friends changed their hobbies too, or maybe they stopped using social media; I realized that there’s no turning back: if I ever come back to otome, I should pretty much start from zero, as I did when I went back to listening to kpop after years. It seems a totally different world.

One year is actually not that long, but it feels like a lifetime in a community, when everything changes rapidly; so well, I’m writing this post because I miss my twitter/blog friends, amazing people who gave me so much motivation to write and share my opinions through the years.

If you’re reading this, how are you? Are you still part of the otome community? Did it change so much, since I disappeared? I’m really wondering if it’s just a personal feeling, or it’s true.

Anyway, thank you all for the great memories, I still cherish every moment spent in this fandom!


Happy Easter!


Just enjoying freedom


  1. Chii

    Hey Ilaria! I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been reading your blog for literally ages haha. I don’t remember the exact time but since you were on facebook as “Otome Land”, sharing your blog stuff. Back then I didn’t know any japanese and when I decided to learn it a few years later, your posts inspired me so much. I can now comfortably play the games I want and I still check your reviews when I finish the older games.:) to be honest this is my first time commenting on your blog (I’m both shy and lazy haha…) but I’ve always felt grateful for the content you’ve created so far. It saddened me so much when you announced your decision a year ago but that’s okay, I’m glad that you decided to left your old posts as it is. I love your blog so much and I have no intentions dropping this hobby anytime soon so I’ll check your blog from time to time like I always did!

  2. otomeland

    Nice to meet you! ^^
    It’s been at least 5 years since I was on Facebook, I almost forgot about it! thank you for reminding me those days, you’re really a long time reader and I’m so grateful to see you come here again!
    I truly hoped someone would still enjoy my old reviews, that’s why I never thought about cancelling this blog. Maybe one day I’ll start playing and writing reviews again! if I get back in the mood I’m sure I’ll find a lot of new good games to catch up… I’m just waiting for the right one, to give me my excitement back!
    Thank you so much for taking your time to write your comment, seeing that this blog is still useful made my day! ^^

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