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How I got into a car accident and what I’ve learned from this awful experience

Hello everyone!

Today I’d like to share a recent event that made me reflect a lot about life, since it was kinda traumatic: at the beginning of August, I got into a car accident.

This is actually the second time I experience this awful situation, but compared to the first time this was way worse: we were on a queue, since a car in front of us stopped abruptly to turn into a very little street on the left, which I assume it was the only way to their house; it was unexpected, so my husband and another car had to stop immediately.

Then another car from behind, without realizing what was going on, crashed into us at full speed, (somehow the driver didn’t realize we stopped for a reason, even if there were like 3 cars ahead of us; I assume he was on the phone, or at least he wasn’t paying much attention).

I heard like the sound of a bomb exploding behind my back; if this wasn’t enough, our car was pushed forward, crashing onto the car in front of ours.

It lasted just a few seconds, but I remembers thinking: “again?? I won’t survive this time”.

When it was over, I was scared to open my eyes and look next to me: what if my husband is covered in blood? What if he’s dead?”; these were the thoughts running in my head, as I heard people from the other cars saying stuff like “I can’t get them out of the car, call the ambulance!”.

Gladly, my husband got minor injuries and I was just bruised; but when I got out the car and took a look at it, I realized that we were really lucky, to be able to stand on our legs.

Gladly everyone involved was safe, but our car was completely crashed; when the ambulance came, they found it hard to believe we only got minor injuries, considering how destroyed it was.

We have to buy a new one, since it would more expensive to repair it.

That made me realize something that should be obvious, but I never thought about enough: life could change or even end at any moment; we spend most of our life planning a future that maybe will never come, instead of living the present.

Of course, it’s important to have long-term plans, life goals; but what if your life will end tomorrow, and you just spent your last days working and saving money because you’ll need them when you get old? What if you never reach that age?

When I was working really hard, I remember some of my coworkers telling me they wanted to quit too, but they were afraid of not finding a new job immediately, because “when I’ll get old I will relax, now I need to make money”. True, but… what if you don’t even reach the retirement age?

Of course, I’m not here to say you should live carelessly, as if the world is going to end tomorrow; but still, try to think about it. We don’t realize how precious our time is, until it’s too late.

If your life ends today, are you satisfied with what you accomplished so far?

But most importantly, are you happy?

That’s my cup of tea for today, see you with hopefully funny topics very soon!


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  1. Mahlenneth

    OMG O.O thank God you weren’t injured. I can’t even imagine how this experience was awful.
    “We don’t realize how precious our time is, until it’s too late.” – that’s SO true!!
    The car which stopped abruptly didn’t sign to turn?
    I remember when I visited Italy, some towns/cities have narrow streets.

  2. otomeland

    That car signed they were going to turn last minute, so most of the cars behind were able to stop in time, but I’m sure the car which crashed onto us was way beyond the speed limit, the driver tried to stop but it wasn’t enough. What an awful experience! but at least, it made me realize how important is to cherish every moment, since we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. It should be obvious, but most of the time we are too overwhelmed by our daily problems, that we take life for granted. Also, it made me realize how I spent the past 3 years working all day, too tired and and depressed all the time… what a waste! I really should have run away sooner!

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