2023 barely started, but it feels great already since one of my favorite groups has just made a comeback: Ateez! I guess it’s the perfect moment to share my love for these amazing boys, hoping you’ll become an Atiny like me today.

Ateez debuted in 2018, with 8 members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung e Jongho.

They released a lot of great songs through these years, so I’ll just choose a few to share; their performances are always powerful, they have such a great stage presence and charisma, it’s impossible to ignore them whenever they go on stage.

Their most famous song is probably Wonderland:

When I first listened to Wonderland I was speachless, and even idols from other groups looked shocked when Ateez performed it live at Mama. Seeing their reaction made me a proud Atiny, it’s great to see Ateez being appreciated by other performers too.

Another song I absolutely love is I’m the one, the choreo is so great, it perfectly showcases their talent.

Answer is a song that always makes me emotional, their vocals can really touch my soul.

Guerilla is the first comeback I waited for with high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed: the music video is one of the best of 2022 for me, it creates a whole new world and it makes me want to know how their story will continue.

And finally, their last comeback, Halazia.

I was really impressed: not only the song, the choreo and the visual are top as usual, but the concept of the video and the storyline they are building up in each comeback is so unique, no one else dares to try something remotely similar.

Ateez are without any doubt a driving force of the 4th generation of kpop and I feel blessed to live in their peak era.

Choosing just 5 songs was hard, but if I made you at least a bit curious, go check out Thanxx and Dejavu, I swear you’ll love them too.

This is my first post of a series about my favorite groups, I hope some of you will become new fans! See you soon!