One of the groups I mostly enjoy and respect, from kpop’s 4th generation, is TxT, a 5 member boy group debuted under Big Hit Entertainment in 2019.

When I first saw their debut stage, I was amazed by their perfectly synched choreography, which showed their talent and confidence despite being rookies.

Their personalities are also charming: when I watch their reality shows, they always make me laugh a lot (sometimes I’m even crying, no joke, they can be THAT funny).

So if you’re stressed, or having a bad day, I suggest you to give a try to their TO DO show, which you can easily find on youtube; your day will get better!

Now, let me share some of my favorite songs of them.

First of all, their debut stage!

Whenever I hear them sing (mostly Taehyun, I love his voice) I’m really impressed by their talent to convey feelings of desperation and pain: I can’t understand korean, but as soon as I’ve heard “0x1= LOVESONG (I know I love you)”, I felt so many emotions, I was truly addicted.

When Good boy gone bad was released, last year, I was amazed by the dark vibes of the music video: if you’ve read my kpop awards, you know it was my favorite of 2022!

I was really hyped for their January comeback, my expectations were high and I wasn’t disappointed at all: check it out, and tell me if you love it as I do!

This is all I can do, for this year’s Valentine’s Day: I used to come up with 2D characters rankings in the past, so if you came here expecting something otome related, you’ll probably be disappointed; but there’s plenty of content in my blog, if you haven’t read old posts yet, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting looking it up.

Lately I’ve decided to share my love and appreciation for the kpop artists I’m enjoying the most, even if no one cares, since I’ve always worked on this blog out of love, so… if my suggestions can make your day a little brighter, my goal is achieved.

Happy Valentine’s!