TOP10 worst otome games to live in!

Some of my friends who enjoy otoge like to self insert and imagine themselves as the heroine, instead of just watching the story from the point of view of an outsider; but have you ever realized how it would be, living inside an otome game?

While some are cute and fluffly, others are bloody and painful.

Our best boy would love us, there’s an happy ending (probably… not even always), but… are you sure you would like to experience it all?

My tastes tend to be quite dark, so it wouldn’t be a wise choice for me to enter that world for real.

Here’s my ranking of the worse otome games to live in!

10- Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen

That school is hell. If a caste system is not enough for you to hate that place, just wait until you discover the truth.

9- Charade Maniacs

Being secluded in a weird place by a creepy guy is not a nice experience.

8- Amnesia

Losing your memory is painful and pretending everything is fine is even worse.

7- Dance with Devils

Suddenly discovering that vampires and demons are after your blood and your family is keeping a huge secret from you is awful.

6- Piofiore no Banshou

Even if those mafia men are hot, living as Liliana is really scary: everyone wants to kill her or use her for their own selfish reasons, as if she was an object instead of a person with feelings.

5- 7’scarlet

This is scary. Some scenes made me so afraid, if I were Ichiko I’d literally run away screaming and crying the whole time.

4- ChouChou Jiken

Zombies and blood: you’d better be aware, if you trust the people around you it’s the end.

3- Diabolik Lovers

People sometimes insult Yui for being a do-m, but have you ever imagined what you would do, in her place? This girl is completely alone and she’s strong enough to survive among vampires!

2- Black Wolves Saga

Being Fiona must be expremely painful, this poor girl had to endure torture and abuse… I love this game with all my heart, but being a victim of Auger and Mejojo is a nightmare, I could never survive!

1- Moshikami

This game is true hell. Nothing more to say.

What’s the scariest otome game to live in for you? Which is the heroine who suffers the most, before reaching the happy ending?

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