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My otome game awards 2021

Hello everyone!

2021 is coming to an end in a couple weeks, so you probably were expecting this post already; my otome games awards are a tradition I can’t skip!

This is my 5th year, I guess you know my style at this point, but it’s safer to explain once more: my list is made of games I’ve played in 2021, without considering the release date in Japan; most of them were just sitting in my backlog for years, until I finally decided it was their moment to shine.

My life was a lot busier and messier in these past months, so I was able to complete only 11 games; I’m almost ashamed of this, how could it happen?! My plan was to reach at least 12 titles, but life is not always easy as we hope.

Let’s get into it!

Sexy game award: Jakou no Lyla

Well, this was spicy! those guys are hot and I wonder how some scenes were allowed on a Nintendo console; but thank you for the eyecandy, it was appreciated.

Absolutely recommended to everyone who enjoys sexy stuff.

Sequel of the year award: Piofiore no Banshou 1926

It wasn’t as awesome as the main game, but still a good sequel; those characters are amazing, it’s hard to fail when you have such a great cast and setting. I still hope for a fandisk to get more fluff.

Fandisk of the year award: Code Realize Wintertide Miracles

I started it around Christmas last year, to better feel the atmosphere; I enjoyed it way more than Shukufuku no mirai (or Future Blessings, if you prefer), because it was way cuter and a perfect ending for this series.

Old but gold award: Amnesia World

No need to talk much about this famous series, this fandisk doesn’t add important elements to the story, but it’s still enjoyable for the fans or nostalgic players like me.

It wasn’t a kusoge! Award: Walpurgis no uta, Possession Magenta and Koroshiya to Strawberry

I’m giving those games the same award, since they suffer of a similar bad reputation, but I ended up enjoying them more than other way more famous games; they are not masterpieces, but I was interested enough to complete them without even thinking of dropping halfway.

I think they deserve a chance if you find a cheap copy.

Historical game of the year: Jyuuzaengi 2

As you probably know, I’m not a fan of historical games; but Jyuuzaengi is a series I love with all my heart, I’d recommend it to everyone.

Most boring game of the year: Dairoku Ayakashimori

I did my best to enjoy this game, since the setting is great; I really tried, many times, for months.

I even took a break at some point, wondering if the problem was me, since I kept falling asleep and wishing subcharas had a route instead. I’m sorry, but for me this was very disappointing.

Best tragedy and best plot award: The house in Fata Morgana

Not an otome game, but I still wanted to give an award to this beautiful visual novel; if you enjoy dark themes and mystery, I highly recommend you to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. But it’s heartbreaking, keep in mind.

OTOME GAME OF THE YEAR: Toraware no Palm

I love this series so much, I highly recommend everyone to play it!

Focusing on 1 guy only, spending a lot of time with him, trying to understand what happened in his forgotten past and which feelings he’s hiding behind his smile, creates a deep bond.

I really hope there will be another game.

Which was your otome game of the year?

My Otome games awards 2020!

Hello everyone! Somehow, we managed to survive through 2020, so congratulations to all of us for being still here, while trying to be optimistic in these difficult days!
I expected to play less than my usual standards this year, but then Covid came, destroyed our lives, quarantine happened… so I ended up changing my plans and completing 16 otome games.
As I do every year, it’s time for my personal awards!
This will consider all the games I’ve played in 2020, even if they weren’t released this year.

BEST FANDISK AWARD: Taisho Alice Heads and Tails

Finally a great fandisk, this is exactly what I wanted from this game.
There were cute and funny after stories, but also new “routes”, which explained the plot of the main game from a different point of view. I think it was an amazing idea!


When I get to play an historical game which has a good balance between war and romantic scenes, I’m always really happy!


I had fun suspecting everyone to find the traitor; the ending was kinda disappointing, but overall this game was able to keep my interest up, despite the huge number of routes.


I’m not even kidding, those guys were literally sparkling while trying to seduce the heroine!
It was really funny, sometimes awkward, but overall an entertaining game I’d recommend to everyone who is just looking for a simple romance.

WAY BETTER THAN I EXPECTED AWARD: Diabolik Lovers Chaos Lineage

I know, I keep saying that I’m done with this series, but I always come back; I expected this game to be boring, since there’s nothing more to add, but I surprisingly still enjoyed most of the routes.

OLD BUT GOLD AWARD: Gekka Ryouran Romance

It’s been years since I first played this masterpiece, I’m glad I decided to replay it now, that my japanese knowledge allows me to fully appreciate it. Absolutely recommended.


I expected a lot, since I enjoyed the anime, but the amount of incest and the huge age gap were too much for me to accept.


I get it, historical games don’t have much time for romance; but this was too much, endless battles made me fall asleep most of the time.

WORST FANDISK AWARD: Shiro to Kuro Alice Twilight Line

The writers had no idea of what to do and they didn’t even try to make this game interesting: everything was boring, from the after stories to the new characters. Absolutely not recommended, save your money.

BEST ROUTE OF THE YEAR: Akaza, Olympia Soiree

I loved the huge gap between his stoic attitude while he’s working and his charming personality when he’s alone with the heroine, enjoying romantic dates.
Everything else about him is a huge spoiler, so I can’t say more… but he’s husbando material, no doubt.

MEMORABLE CHARACTER OF THE YEAR: Chiaki, Toraware no palm Refrain

I’ve never played an otome game which allows me to date only one character, so I was a bit hesitant at first: what if I don’t like him? But I guess it’s impossible, Chiaki is great and it was amazing, to spend so much time with him, dedicating all my attention to one person for a whole game.
I suggest everyone to give this series a chance!

COMEDY OF THE YEAR: Cupid Parasite

I had so much fun, these guys are weird and their interactions are comedy gold!


At first I was thinking: “the heroine must get married at 18 and have children immediately, what a mysogynist plot”, but when I actually started playing, I realized there was way more to discover.
Every character has a special charm, every route reveals bits of the hidden mystery and it makes you even more curious about the truth.

And now, the most anticipated award!

I’m sure most of you already guessed which was my favorite game…………..

If you didn’t see my livetweets, maybe you got it while reading my review………………

Yes, it couldn’t be anything else!

GAME OF THE YEAR: Olympia Soiree

Well written plot, interesting characters, original setting and beautiful art: what else could you ask for? There’s nothing I’d change, even the villains were fascinating in their own craziness.
I’ve been through an emotional roller coaster: angst, frustration, happiness, romance, relief, pain… all these feelings pile up while you play, until they reach the perfect ending in Akaza’s route, the last to unlock. I was crying.
I highly suggest everyone to play this game!

Well, it’s over.
Overall it was a good year, I wasted some money as usual, but I was also lucky enough to play great otome games too. I have high expectations for the new 2021 releases, or for some of them at least, but I’ll talk about it soon in another post.
Thank you for reading my reviews in this wild 2020, let’s hope 2021 will bring us happiness and great new games to talk about!

My Otome Games Awards 2019!

Another year has almost come to an end, so it’s time for my usual otome game awards!

Sadly, 2019 didn’t bring us many new releases and I just bought my Switch, that’s why most of the games you’ll see in my list are old stuff I finally managed to clear from my backlog.

So, let’s take a look together!

Among personal and work problems I went through in the past months, somehow I managed to complete 16 games and replay 2 of my most loved ones; I used to do better, but it’s not bad at all!

I’m sure I won’t be able to reach this number next year, but we’ll see what happens.

So, for the awards:


I’m usually weak to yandere and I’m also used to their creepiness, but Natsume was on another level: I’ve never thought someone could threaten to cut my hands or feet, or make me blind to rely completely on him. It was sure an experience.

SOFT PORN OF THE YEAR AWARD: Jakou no Lyla Allure of musk European Night

Just watching the opening song’s video, I expected some kind of plotless sexy game; that’s what I got, I can’t complain, but it wasn’t enough to give me the motivation to play all the games.

Maybe I’ll change my mind if I ever decide to play the Switch port, but for now I can’t see anything interesting about it besides soft porn.


This game is simply awesome. Nothing more to say.

It could have been my game of the year, since I loved literally every single scene.

I’d recommend it to anyone who loves dark and mystery otome games, you won’t be disappointed!

WORST COPY PASTA AWARD: Shinobi koi utsutsu kanmitsu hana emaki

It was so boring a repetitive, I couldn’t even bring myself to write a review, since every route follows the same pattern. The first game suffered from copy pasta issues, but this fandisk was even worse and I was falling asleep most of the time.

CREEPIEST SEQUEL OF THE YEAR AWARD: Nil Admirari no tenbin Kuroyuri En’youtan

I started this game thinking it was a fluffy sequel, but I was SO WRONG.

There’s so much violence, abuse and creepy scenes, I can’t recommend it to people who are too sensitive to these topics; I love this genre, but it was kinda disturbing even for me sometimes.


I expected a great sequel, but most of the routes ended up being boring or useless, as if they were some kind of filler to make the most popular boys shine more; well, it happened in the first game too. I’m sorry, but 9 guys are too many for me, I lose interest after a while and I keep dragging the game just to force myself to complete it.


Since I don’t play otome games to self insert, I always appreciate when an heroine is cool, or at least I can empathize with her feelings and see her character development; but this girl is completely empty. Really, I can’t even say something good or bad about her, she has no feelings or opinions, she’s just…. there. I have no idea how someone could fall in love with her.


Re:Viced was one of the first otome games released on Vita and it had good reviews, so I started playing it with a lot of expectations; but it was kinda disappointing.

It’s not bad, overall I enjoyed it, but it’s not something memorable that I’d recommend, I expected a lot more. I’ll forget about it very soon.

SEXY ONI AWARD: Utsusemi no meguri

I bought this game for the beautiful art and the CeroD rating, expecting sexy times with demons, but I ended up caught in random yandere endings, with blood and abuse. I can’t say it was a kusoge, it was memorable in its own way.


Literally no one played or talked about this game, so I expected it to be an awful waste of money and time; and it was. The theme was interesting, I think it could have been decent if the writing wasn’t so lazy. Well, at least I can warn you and save your money.


Even if I’m emotionally attached to Starry Sky, I admit it wasn’t easy to play 4 fandisks with so many characters; but those boys deserved it, or at least most of them. It’s a classic.

MOST BORING FANDISK AWARD: Yunohana Spring Cherishing time

It was so boring, I was almost going to drop it; I only resisted for Takahira, since he’s my best boy and his smile deserves the effort. But still, it was a waste of money and time.

And now, the award you’ve been waiting for…. but I guess you were probably expecting this!

GAME OF THE YEAR AWARD: Variable Barricade

I loved everything about this game: all the characters had their own charm, their interactions were always funny and Hibari is a great heroine, with a strong personality. And she’s even voiced, what else can you ask for? The art is amazing, as expected from Usuba Kagerou.

Maybe the setting is too simple and someone could consider this game “boring” if they aren’t into comedy or slice of life; but even if I’m usually into creepier stuff too, I enjoyed Variable Barricade because it’s relaxing and funny, it never gets boring and it doesn’t require a lot of concentration or effort. It’s entertaining, how a good game should be.

So, what’s your game of the year?

Have you enjoyed Switch releases, or you’ve been stuck on PsVita like me?

Honestly, looking back it wasn’t a great year for me, only Variable Barricade and Steam Prison were really good, the other games were average or just boring; well, I guess it’s what I can get if I dig into my old backlog, the good games have been played immediately when they were just released.

But who knows, maybe I’ll find some hidden gems next year!

Since I finally got myself a Switch, I can look forward to the new releases, hoping for a masterpiece. But I’ll write about my plans and expectations somewhere else.

See you after Christmas!

My Otome Games Awards 2018

Another year is almost over, so it’s time to look back and see if 2018 was a good year for otome games! or at least, for me, since most of the games I’ve played in these past months were older, as usual (yeah, backlog).

Instead of writing proper “awards”, I’ll share my opinion and my honest feelings, so don’t feel offended if I end up criticizing a series or game you loved.

Without further ado, my Otome games Awards 2018!

I’M DONE WITH VAMPIRES: Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden

I won’t lie, I still enjoyed Lost Eden and I don’t regret playing it to meet Kino.

But I think it’s time to cut this out, there’s no need to keep adding characters or nonsensical scenes in a story that should be over for good: it reached a natural ending in Dark Fate, keep adding unnecessary stuff will only damage the good points that this series used to have at the beginning.

I loved Diabolik Lovers with all my heart, it’s one of the reasons I started learning japanese and playing otome games, but for me it’s over.

MOBAGE PORT QUALITY: Charming Empire/Gakuen Club

Let’s be honest, I played these games only because they were cheap and I thought playing in english could be relaxing from time to time.

I didn’t have expectations from the start, so I can’t even say I was disappointed.

If I had to choose, Gakuen Club was a bit more entertaining, just because it didn’t pretend to have some kind of deeper plot.

ZOMBIES ARE COOL, BUT……: Chouchou Jiken

This game had the best premises: interesting setting, dark themes, beautiful art… but still, something went wrong. Boring scenes, lazy backgrounds and a font that made my eyes burn made it difficult to sit through.

SHOCK OF THE YEAR AWARD: Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen

At first I thought it was just a normal school game, even if the rules in that academy were really radical and unfair. But when I reached the ending of every single character, I realized the truth was hidden very deep and the true survival game still had to start.

It was very long, so I can’t blame people who dropped it before unveiling the truth, but it’s still worth the effort.


The heroine was amazing and most of the routes were interesting.

It’s quite difficult for me to feel involved in wars and endless fights, but I was so emotionally attached to those characters, I enjoyed this game a lot.

Next year I’ll play the FD for sure!

WORST WRITING AWARD: Shiratsuyu no kai

The plot looked original and the prologue intrigued me, for a couple hours I thought I was playing a forgotten gem; but as soon as I entered the individual routes, I realized the writing always became an inconsistent mess without a proper ending and I understood why no one ever bothered to port it to PsVita.

MOST DISAPPOINTING FANDISK OF THE YEAR: Tierblade fragments of memory

I was waiting so much for this fandisk, since I enjoyed the original game a lot and I missed most of the characters. All I asked for were cute scenes and pretty CGs, it’s not that much!

Well, my expectations were crushed, since I was almost falling asleep all the time and I even needed to take a long break at some point or I would have ended up dropping it for real.


IT WASN’T THAT BAD AWARD: Kaleido Eve/Rear Pheles

This may happen when you start a game thinking it’s going to be the worst kusoge ever: you give it a try expecting the worse, but it’s actually non THAT awful and it seems even decent in the end. Well, this happened to me with Kaleido Eve and Rear Pheles.

If you find very cheap copies (and I mean VERY cheap), it may still be worthy in the end!


Colorful and funny, I really enjoyed working as the heroine in that nice environment; she was also determined and passionate about work and her life goals, I admired her resolution.

And now, the most important awards:

FANDISK OF THE YEAR: Collar Malice Unlimited

This fandisk is everything I could ask for, it’s the perfect ending for this amazing story.

It gives us all the sweet couple moments and sexy scenes that were missing in the first game and it exceeded all my expectations.

GAME OF THE YEAR: Piofiore no banshou

There’s nothing I would change about this game: the plot is engaging, the characters are amazing and the art is stunning. I really hope to play a fandisk or sequel someday, I’m still not ready to say goodbye. It’s rare for me to be so deeply involved in every single character and I even liked all the side characters. If you still haven’t played it, do it now!!

Well, I think it was a good year overall.

Something was disappointing, but I also played great games so I can’t complain too much.

After so many years, it keeps getting more difficult for me to find something which makes me excited and impressed, but as long as I get to play at least a couple masterpieces every year, I won’t give up this hobby.

So, let’s meet again in 2019!

Otome Games Awards 2017

This year is impossible for me to write a proper “Otome games Awards”, since most of the games I’ve played were not released in 2017: I’ve spent most of the year cleaning my backlog and I still haven’t gotten rid of it completely!

Anyway, since this year was still filled with good (and bad) stuff, I’ve decided to share my gaming experience.

In no particular order, these are the otoge which accompanied me through 2017:

1- DANCE WITH DEVILS: “Never watch the anime before playing”

I admit it, the game itself wasn’t as bad as I expected: it took me so long to start playing it, just because the anime disappointed me and spoiled everything, so my interest was really low.

I made a mistake, I’m never watching an anime before playing the game, in the future!

(I’m looking at you, Ikemen Sengoku).

2- PERIOD CUBE: “Cute or annoying?”

Shiki is the character who makes the greatest impact in this game, no doubts.

But the true question is: “is Poyopoyo’s voice cute or annoying?”

Some of my friends even muted him after a while!

When Toriumi was acting his lines at Otomate party, I admit it was embarrassingly cute to see; I even replayed that scene multiple times! maybe I’m just biased, since he’s still my favorite ossan.

3- BINARY STAR: “Dark and bright”

This game has a huge contrast between the colorful art and the sad theme, and this makes a great impact while you progress in the playthrough; a good underrated game!

4- 7’SCARLET: “It scared the fuck out ot me”

If it was released in 2017, it would be hands down my game of the year.

But it wasn’t, so I’ll just say it MY otome game of the year!

It’s an horror/thriller, which kept me hooked from the start: I couldn’t stop playing, I wanted to know as soon as possible the truth.

The final revelations were shocking, I couldn’t predict those terrible secrets at all and I absolutely loved every part of it! Simply amazing.


I’ll be honest, I was expecting something better from the GHP team.

I can’t say it was bad, the heroine was amazing and some scenes were really funny, but those neverending battle scenes bored me to death, I was tempted to forceskip trough them.

6- HAITAKA NO PSYCHEDELICA: “Who cares about the villagers?”

Overall I enjoyed it a lot, the plot was great and the characters were interesting.

But why should I talk with random people about trivial matters? I get it, you all hate witches. Can we move on, please? It was really annoying, I hope Otomate will get rid of this system immediately.

7- OUMAGATOKI: “Why do I hate myself so much?”

I knew it was bad, there are literally zero good reviews about it.

Still, I wanted to try by myself to see if I could enjoy it anyway and save something…. I couldn’t, it’s just a waste of time.


The most memorable scene, for me, was Row’s first appearance.

I was truly impressed and I needed to look up for the seiyuu, to see who he was (his voice sounded familiar, but I wasn’t sure. I don’t have a good seiyuu radar).

So yeah, I’m late but I vote for Matsuoka as seiyuu of the year!

9- SHIRO TO KURO NO ALICE: “I need more butlers in my life”

It’s not a secret, I’m weak to butlers.

Snow shined the most in this game for me, even if Rain had a more important role overall.

Even if the most popular character was probably Jack, the usagi brothers are the ones who left the greatest impression on me.

10- BLACK WOLVES SAGA LAST HOPE: “It was supposed to be less shocking. It wasn’t.”


11- TOKI NO KIZUNA: “Everyone deserves a second chance”

I first tried to play this game years ago, then I dropped it for various reasons (difficult kanji, boring wars…).

I’ve decided to give it one more chance and I didn’t regret it at all! It’s not a game for me, but I admit the characters were adorable, I’ll play the FD just for them.

12- UTAPRI ALL STAR: “Hire better writers please”

Half of the game exceeded my expectations: Quartet Night’s routes were interesting and funny as you could expect from Utapri.

Starish’s rainbow route was so terrible, I had to drop it to save my mental health. NO REGRETS.

13/14- DYNAMIC CHORD KYOHSO/APPLE POLISHER: “I’m glad it’s over”

I have nothing more to say about this series, I already wrote my opinion and it’s still the same… I can’t even find something funny or interesting to write about it!

15- NIGHTSHADE: “I’m not crying. You’re crying”

I really loved it, every single route. I didn’t expect to be so moved, but it was really tragic and psychological. I appreciated the heroine, who fought to protect her life, instead of just giving up to save her village and enrich her heartless father.

It’s a good mix of action, drama, emotions and romance, I’d recommend it to anyone who likes darker otoge with a deep plot.

16- CODE REALIZE SHUKUFUKU NO MIRAI: “Useless routes make me angry”

Even before playing, I knew there was a Gang route with new characters, because I saw everyone complaining about it.

I didn’t understand how frustrating it could be, until I got to play it…. and I was so angry I had to skip most of it, before it would ruin completely my opinion about the whole game.

The amount of effort wasted on this, instead of writing longer routes for the main characters, was absurd and even embarrassing. I hope this never happens again!

17- ALICE ALICE: “Is this even a game?”

Let’s be serious, this is just plain fanservice to gain money from a popular drama cd.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fanservice, but this is so basic I can’t even call it “game”: it’s all about dummy head mic and the licking noises the seiyuu make!

I hope Rejet will choose a better series to adapt in the future. (Criminale, where are you?!)

18- HAKUOUKI: “Better late than never”

After years of gaming, I finally decided to try this classic. I enjoyed it more than I expected, it made me emotional and I loved every single character, even when the routes were too detailed about war and historical events. I appreciated the anime too, the last episodes broke my heart.

I’m not surprised it was a huge success… but I still think Harada is more appealing than Saito!

It was a busy gaming year for me, even if I mostly spent it cleaning my backlog; overall I’m satisfied, there was enough good stuff to keep me motivated to play the new releases.

7’scarlet was my personal favorite, I’d call it my “Otome game of the year”, but Nightshade was close 2nd.

I enjoyed Haitaka no Psychedelica, even if Kokuchou moved me a bit more; Black wolves saga Last hope didn’t disappoint me too, this series has a special place in my heart.

If I had to choose a kusoge, it would probably be Oumagatoki. Dynamic chord Apple polisher was a huge let down too.

All the other games were decent, I’d put them in the “not bad, but not even that good” category: I wouldn’t recommend them, but they weren’t awful either.

I hope next year will be even better: there are a lot of 2018 releases I’m anticipating and I’ll try to play them almost immediately, instead of digging in my backlog for too long.

Will I be able to write a proper “2018 Otome games Awards’” next year? Hopefully!

My 2016 Otome games awards

Another year has come to an end, so it’s time to talk about all the games I’ve played in 2016!

Since writing a top10 would be boring, I’ve decided to try something different: I’ll give each one an award, based on the first phrase that comes to my mind when I think about them.

Keep in mind that I’ve also played a lot of old games, because I’m still trying to clear my never ending backlog… yes, PSP games too. I still can’t get rid of my dear PSP, and I won’t until I still have some decent stuff unplayed.

Then, let’s start!

Black wolves saga: I knew it was creepy, but this is even better Award

This wonderful game has been sitting in my backlog for years, and I finally got to play it; I loved every single route, the characters were all interesting, the plot made me suffer from the beginning to the end. Masterpiece!

Otoko Yuukaku: Manwhores Award

It’s only about fanservice, they haven’t even tried to attempt a plot; or maybe they did, but just failed miserably.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Twilight Kiss: Cheapest backgrounds Award

This made me disappointed, because the characters were enjoyable, and it could have been really funny; but the backgrounds and most of the CGs looked really bad, it was terrible to see.

Blackish House: Sasuga honeybee black Award

At first it seemed a nice game, but then it turned mostly into something twisted and creepy; honeybee black has chosen this dark theme, and I don’t dislike it.

Colorful step bunka bu: I’m too old for this Award

School themed otoge can be funny, but also boring and predictable; I couldn’t even complete it.

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Let’s pretend More Blood never existed Award

I was surprised to see how much they changed from the previous game; and I’m glad, or I swear I would have dropped this series for good.

Koezaru wa Akai Hana: So, it wasn’t just plotless porn! Award

Since there was a +18 version of this game, I thought that it would be just plain and plotless; I was wrong! It was a nice game and I loved the heroine.

Kamigami no Asobi infinite: Troll of the year Award

I was so excited for this game, but most of the routes suffered a really bad writing; the rating also trolled me, I was waiting for CeroD stuff and I only got one CG, the rest was just plain Cero C or even B.

Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade: At least give a sprite to the villain Award

I know it’s just a FD, but they didn’t even try to make it interesting; I can’t believe the main villain didn’t get a sprite or a CG, this makes it seem so low budget!

Dynamic Chord Liar-s: I want to punch him Award

Those who have played the game know who I’m talking about, I’m still angry.

Code realize: I want more badass heroines Award

Cardia was an amazing heroine, it was so nice to see her fighting and protecting the boys, instead of just waiting to be saved!

Taisho Alice: This must have been written by a psychiatrist Award

The shocking truth in the end was so complicated, I actually had to read every line a few times before I understood what was going on.

Utapri Debut: Is Broccoli releasing BL games now? Award

Seriously, this was so bad, it’s not even funny. It made me want to throw my PSP out of the window.

Re:birthday song: Copypasta Award

All the routes were basically the same, it became really predictable after completing the first character.

Moshikami: It can’t get any worse than this Award

The amount of violence was too much even for Rejet, it left me speechless and shocked. I didn’t hate it tho.

Kokuchou no Psychedelica: Cry a river Award

Such a wonderful and tragic story, it made me so emotional…. I loved it, one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Nihil Admirari: Not all the plot twists are a good idea Award

This game was full of shocking revelations; unfortunately, some of them just ruined everything, like in Shizuru’s route.

Collar Malice: Game of the year Award

I’ve nothing more to say about this amazing game, I simply loved it!

These are the most interesting otoge I’ve played this year; there are a few others, but they were so plain I couldn’t even come up with an award, so I just want to forget about them.

Overall, it was a positive gaming year: something was really good, others were bad or just mediocre, but I still enjoyed many games.

I’m looking forward to 2017: there are a few titles that look good and I hope they won’t end up being just a huge disappointment.

Which was your best game of 2016?

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