Last year, after completing Toki no kizuna Sekigahara Kitan, I promised I would play the fandisk because the characters deserved more cute scenes… so here I am!

I was in the mood for some historical game and I thought that Hanayuitsuzuri would give me some romance, instead of angst and battles.

I started with Chitose, ‘cause I loved his positive attitude and innocent approach to love, in the first game; his previous route made him suffer a lot, he needed some time to enjoy his relationship with Yukina. I loved how the other characters (Shin most of all) kept teasing them because they didn’t sleep together even when they were already engaged, and Chitose’s reactions were so funny!

He’s so precious, I enjoyed every moment I spent with him.

Kazuya’s route had a different atmosphere, it felt overall more serious and mature.

Of course, there were many sweet and cute moments too, but also some explanations about wars and angsty discussions I wished could just end with the first game.

I’m so weak to Kazuya’s sweet smile, that I just forgive him everything anyway.

Senkimaru’s route somehow felt more like a gag route instead of a romantic one, even if I could play his adult form from the start (and he looks cool, let’s be honest).

Many scenes were funny, he always over reacted and Yukina’s choices were really unpredictable, I swear I wouldn’t have been able to reach a good ending without a guide!

Kazutake….. what can I say…

He’s a really good husband material, I wish I could love him as he deserves, but…. as it happened in the original game, I can’t see him as a love interest, but more as a brother figure.

He’s mature and reliable, but also… boring… I’m sorry, I can’t keep my interest up for a whole route when nothing interesting happens.

I’ve played Shin last since he’s my sexy best boy and I wasn’t disappointed at all!

There was a lot of fanservice, sometimes the screen just turned black when he whispered sexy lines… I literally needed a CG for every single scene, but I guess it wasn’t possible.

I was surprised to see him almost acting yandere when he forbid Yukina to keep training and using her sword to fight; well, he just wanted to protect her, but obviously she couldn’t just give up with her old life so easily, to act weak and girly all of a sudden.

This fandisk adds 2 new routes, which are surprisingly the villains from the original game: Shiyuu and Yachiyo.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think it was a smart move: they are good looking, but I needed a longer route and a stronger plot to see them as love interests instead of enemies.

If Shiyuu was still somehow cute and I liked his ending, Yachiyo’s route was kinda creepy in various scenes and it was hard for me to feel some love.

I know, it may seem weird from me since I’m usually attracted to bad boys, but considering Yukina’s personality their romance seemed too forced and I couldn’t feel deeply involved.

The routes were really short, but this game had a few side stories as well.

I was amazed to see so many beautiful CGs, there’s a lot of eyecandy: most of them were so perfect, I swear this game could be worth playing just to admire those work of art.

I spent a lot of time just staring at them and there’s no doubt Miko is one of my favorite artist.

Would I recommend this game?

Well, I guess it’s a must play for Toki no kizuna fans, since it allows you to see happy moments of your favorite couple, without the struggle of wars and the fear of dying any moment.

But don’t expect too much, since it’s really short and kinda plotless, the route themselves feel like a new added ending, when you get to see them getting married.

Still, I was happy since some moments were pure gold: there’s a good mix of sexy stuff, cute scenes and random comical parts that made this game worth playing!