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What’s the future of my blog?

If you have ever read my blog, you’ve probably noticed all the changes I’m making lately.

I’m trying my best to make it look more organized, neater and also easier to read!

But this is just the beginning: it’s going to change a lot next year, I have many ideas and I want to improve it as much as I can. I hope you’ll enjoy it more, too!

The first thing you can see is the different placement if reviews: they used to be on the right bar, in alphabetical order, but I was running out of space and it was impossible to continue like that.

Now you can find them in Otome games reviews, where there’s a complete list of all the games I’ve played in my life; most of them have been reviewed, the others are maybe too old or they’ll be reviewed in the future.

On the right bar, you can see also my “Top 10” and “Drama CD reviews”, which didn’t even have a proper tag until now; while I was reorganizing, I found old articles I even forgot about!

I also moved my “Recommended games” and all the articles in the top bar there.

My Tokyo trips related posts have been included in one article with the links, so if someone is interested, can find everything Tokyo related easily.

I created new tags for Otome games awards (since I plan to write it every year) and Questions/Challenges (I had fun taking one last month, I’ll do it again for sure).

I’ve also created a separate section for “Guest Reviews”, since I’m going to bother my friends or boyfriend again; I honestly wish I could do a series about it, I enjoy a lot hearing outsider’s opinions.

This is all for my blog in general, but there’s still more!

Now every post has a “SHARE” button and also a “LIKE/DISLIKE” button, so you can make it clear which kind of posts you appreciate more and you’d like to read again in the future.

I’m probably going to do otoge related polls if you enjoy them, I could even make them monthly and write an article if I can.

I’d like to make this blog more interactive, instead of just writing reviews…. but it’s all up to you, now you can anonymously say your opinion and I’ll think about it!

I don’t think I’ll complete other games before the year ends, but I’m silently working on this blog to make it better: I want you to enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing, so stay tuned for more changes!




Otome related manga: a new series on my blog!


  1. Mahlenneth

    It’s nice to change sometimes 🙂
    Until last year I changed my blog a lot.
    This year I only changed twice… I decided to stop romanizing Japanese lyrics and translating drama cds, and focus more on otome/BL games reviews. And I started to make a monthly post with my favorite animes/mangas/music ^^
    I liked the way you organized your blog. Now it’s easier to find the links.

    • otomeland

      Thank you! I should make monthly posts too, but I still haven’t decided which kind of series I should make…. maybe I’ll make a monthly poll and then comment the results, or maybe a monthly Top10! I’d like to add more Guest Reviews, but I can’t bother people too often! XD
      The only thing I’ve decided for sure, is that I’m going to write less reviews (and probably play less games, since I have a few other projects for next year), but this blog is going to be more entertaining, with a different and more personal approach!

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